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‘High Rise Invasion,’ based on Tsuina Miura’s manga collection of the same name, is a sight to behold with its odd assortment of awful characters ranging from masked assassins to butcher chefs aiming to steal blood from harmless terrace walkers.

‘High Rise Invasion,’ which was once in the top ten, tried to build the basis for the series. With limitless buildings connected by stop bridges, high school girl Yuri Honjo is forced to choose between fleeing for her life and fighting the masked assassins.

With each passing episode of the first season, fans are getting more and more impatient for details about what’s to come in the second season. Season 1 premiered on Netflix in February 2021, and here’s all we know so far about High Rise Invasion season 2!

High Rise Invasion Season 2: Release Date

It’s likely that the second season will launch in March 2022 because the first aired in February 2021; however, it’s also possible that we won’t receive season two until later than that if manufacturing strikes rapidly enough. It all comes down to whether or not manufacturing is able to regenerate.

High Rise Invasion Season 2

As soon as we discover more about the revival of the High Rise Invasion, we’ll be sure to let you know. To tide you over till then, you may catch up on the show’s first season on Netflix!

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High Rise Invasion Season 2: Cast

Yuichiro Umehara has been cast as Sniper Mask.

You may identify Yuri Honj character by the name Haruka Shiraishi.

Kuon Shinzaki as Akira Sekine

Shiki Aoki will take on the role of Mayuko Nise.

Junya Enoki is the real name of Rika Honj.

High Rise Invasion Season 2: Expected Plot

In the last episode of the first season of ‘High-Rise Invasion,’ Mamoru Aikawa and his friends succeed outside of Yuri and the others’ protective bubble. Prior to enforcing her newfound authority as a Closer to God, Yuri destroys Swimmer Mask and imprisons Great Angel’s abilities.

Consequently, Mamoru finds that Rika and Yuri are siblings, and they respond to Mamoru’s approach when he does so. She vows to find her brother and destroy this desolate place at the end of the episode.

High Rise Invasion Season 2

Season 2 may see the search for Rika continue. New talents may be discovered by Yuri. The recreation experts and directors may come to light in the upcoming season.

The possibility of unresolved narrative threads at the end of the first season provided fodder for a number of stories and subplots in the second. If Yuri and her brother Rika decide to join, this might serve as a subplot for the second season, something fans can look forward to.

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There are still over a hundred episodes of the anime left after the first season, which contains 149 of the 258 chapters that have been posted, so we can probably expect to see the remainder of the manga in the following season.

High Rise Invasion Season 2: Trailer

A trailer for Season 2 is still pending. We’ll keep this page up to date as soon as we get new information from the production team. For now, you can watch the trailer for season 1 below:


Season 2 of High Rise Invasion has all the information you need to know. I sincerely hope you found it interesting and helpful. Please ask any questions you may have in the space provided below in the comments section. Please keep an eye out for more updates!