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Hidden Love Season 2: Is Netflix’s New Chinese Drama Series Preparing to be Back? Check Here

2023 is the year when people have witnessed a lot of things, from the release of Barbie and Oppenheimer to some of the unexpected divorces of popular celebrities, This year is filled with a lot of drama and excitement. While the year has not yet ended, we have yet another popular show, Hidden Love which made its highlight to the screen.

After the successful release of the first season of this amazing Chinese drama series, we know what you guys are thinking in your mind. I know that there are a lot of people loving the currently released season of the show. At the same time, you must have a lot of questions regarding the upcoming season of the show.

Without wasting much time, let’s take a look at the latest updates of Hidden Love season 2. If you are excited to know the details of the show, here is everything that you should check out.

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Season Title Hidden Love
Original title Tou tou cang bu zhu
No. of Seasons 1
No. of Episode 25 (Season 1)
Status Season 1 Running
Director Gia Lee
Writer Sijia Ou
Music N/A
Genre Comedy, Drama, Romance
Production NA
Country of Origin China
Origin Language Mandarin. Chinese
Available Languages Mandarin, Chinese
First Episode Aired Tue Jun 20, 2023
Last Episode Aired Thu Jul 06, 2023
Season 2 Aired NA
Run Time 45 min
Available On Youku

Hidden Love Season 2: What is the Release Date of the Series?

If You are into Asian drama series, I’m looking for a romantic Show that will melt your heart then you should try this series. I know there are a lot of people who Are wondering about the second installment of the show as the first season of the series comes with a lot of possibilities. 

However, at the time of writing, there have been no details regarding the upcoming season of the show. It is quite unfortunate for the audience to speculate about another season of the show because of no specific information. A lot of people are doubting the possible future of the series since there is no confirmation of it.  Considering the storyline of the series, a lot of people want to see them being together happily ever after.

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Hidden Love Season 2 Cast: Who will be in it?

Chinese drama series consists of amazing characters that leave their remarkable memory in the hearts of the viewers. I know you guys are expecting another season of the series and want to know about the actors who are likely to be back in the issue.

In this section of the article, we will explain the amazing cast of the series in detail. If you guys are excited to learn about it continue reading the section to find out the cast of the show.

Cast Character
Zhao Lu Si Sang Zhi
Chen Zhe Yuan Duan Jia Xu
Victor Ma Sang Yan [Sang Zhi’s brother]
Zeng Li Li Ping [Sang Zhi’s mother]
Qiu Xin Zhi Qiu Xin Zhi
Guan Zi Jing Li Xun
Wang Yang Jiang Si Yun

Hidden Love Season 2 Plot: What to Expect with it?

Hidden Love Season 2

The story of the show follows around, “Sang Zhi had a crush on Duan Jia Xu when she was young, but they lost contact with each other for some reason. After she graduates, she joins the university in the city he is in, and during their day-to-day intimate and close interaction, they slowly fall in love.”

A lot of people want to watch these two together in the second season. Even though the story of the series ended on a satisfactory note, a large number of people still hope for these 2 to get married happily ever after. So if there will be a second season of the show. We expect the writers to include this in their storylines.

One can see that the internet is filled with theories and possibilities for the second season's end. It is unlikely for the writers to unsee it. At the time of writing, there are no updates on the matter but there will be any news regarding the plot of the second season. Then we will make sure to let you know.

Hidden Love Season 2 Official Trailer

A lot of people want to watch the official trailer of Hidden Love. The first season of the Chinese drama series is officially released on YouTube to watch. However, if you are looking for updates on the second season, there are no new details on the matter.

The officials will release the trailer once the show is confirmed. Till then we advise you to take a look at the teaser trailer of a season and learn more about the show.

Where to watch the show?

Chinese drama series are already worldwide popular and there is a large number of people who love to watch these kinds of shoes. If you are one of those people who have not watched a single episode of the series, we Are here to help you.

The series is exclusively available on Netflix to stream. Netflix is one of the big platforms that allow audiences to voice their favorite shows and recently they have started to work on Asian drama series including Korean drama shows and Chinese dramas. If you want to watch the series, then we have some amazing recommendations for you.

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What are the ratings of the show?

In this section of the article, we will be going to explore the online ratings of the series. If you guys are excited to learn about it, then here is everything you need to know.

8.7/10 · IMDb

Along with this, the audience rated the series with 4.9 stars, which is the maximum rating for any series to have. If you are doubting whether you should watch the series or not, then this is enough for you to consider watching the show.

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Final Verdict

After the conclusion of the first season of Hidden Love, a lot of people started to speculate about the possibility of a second season of the Chinese drama. Fans are already addicted to the first season and its amazing storyline which kept the heart of the audience till the last.

In the end, we would like to thank our readers for staying till the end of this article. If you are into entertainment shows then our website is trending news Buzz will get you all the latest updates regarding the upcoming events happening in the world.

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