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Here’s Why The 90s X-Men Cartoon Series On Disney+ Will Always Be Better Than The X-Men Movies!


David Mudd

Jean Gray became alive once again in a year ago’s Dark Phoenix, yet the X-Men probably won’t be so fortunate. Indeed, even before the Marvel/Fox merger occurred, it seemed as though Xavier’s School For Gifted Youngsters would close inconclusively following that high film industry flop.

Director of New Mutants says: “You can only go up after Dark Phoenix.” The film is now pushed back than Jean Grey’s died in the comics. The fact that Josh Boone’s movie is postponing, we see a very bleak future of X-Men. From all this, it also looks like there will be a constant search for X-Men’s perfect adaptation.

Except fans already know this particular search ended in the mid-’90’s. A long time before Hollywood at last observed establishment potential in Marvel’s happy band of mutants.


The X-Men animation show aired for the first time with a two-part special called ‘Night of the Sentinels’. The release date- October 31, 1992. In case you haven’t watched it yet, the series is available on Disney+

Nothing can be accomplished for the first time. The same way, there were a lot of stepping stones and delays that took place. But, despite all of that the show went on to last for five seasons. Transforming every kid’s Saturday morning with what’s indisputably the best theme song of all time. (Da na na naaaa na na, da na na)

The Bottom Line

Past those cool outfits and that theme music, the motivation behind why this X-Men series correctly still works so well is because the show is keen on its characters to the exclusion of everything else. Mutants aren’t human, yet the writers put intensely in their humankind regardless.

We will have to say that Stan Lee and Jack Kirby were the first ones to bring forward the superhero trope with flaws back in the ’60s. X-Men animated series without a doubt is still keeping up with its legacy, in ways that the films have overlooked all too often since.


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