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Here’s Everything We Know So Far About: on the Come Up Movie

On the Come Up is officially announced now. This is the story from The Hate U give novel which is written by Angie Thomas. This book is really phenomenal to read.

The first teaser trailer of the movie had been shown by director and actor Sanaa Lathan at the BET awards. The teaser was declared at the end of June of this year.

on the come up

On the Come Up is going to release on Paramount+ sometime this year. We were not excited before as we are excited about this movie.

What Will Be the Cast of on the Come Up Movie?

Bri will be played by Jamila C. Gray. She is an aspiring rapper and the greatest of all time.

But sometimes when her songs go viral for not-so-good reasons and media makes her someone which she is not. Eventually, Bri realizes she just needs to make it.

Malik is played by Michael Anthony Cooper Jr.

He is the best friend of Bri. They both are together since childhood and crushed secretly since childhood. Malik is an aspiring movie maker and passionate about social justice which gave him the title of Malik X.

Sonny is played by Miles Gutierrez.

He is the middle friend of Bri and Malik’s fights. He is part of a friend’s trio in the On The ComeUp movie. So it is going to be must watch a movie this year. He is a loyal and supportive friend and ready to leave Garden Heights for college.

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He is used to doing paint rainbow fits around town and he is famous for it.

Does filming of On the Come Up started?

Angie casually announced that filming of On the Come Up will start in about a month. We are consciously waiting for more updates regarding the movie.

Who Will Be the Crew of the Movie?

Previously George Tillman Jr. And Wanuri Kahiu were attached to the film but now Sanna Lathan is going to debut her film On the Come Up as a director! We are excited to see her as a director.

on the come up

The screenwriting of the movie is done by Kay Oyegun which is officially announced. She is well known for penning and producing This Is Us and also she is going to write for Children of Blood and Bone.

Rap From on the Come Up

Check out the Rap from On the Come Up movie by Angie Thomas in following video.

What Will Be the Story of on the Come Up?

In this movie, Bri will be the lead character who is sixteen years old and wants to become one of the greatest rappers of all time. Her dreams are big and eventually, the story revolves around Bri and her friends.

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She also wants to win her first battle. As she is the daughter of hip hop legend who dies just before he hits big rap. Bri has a bigger responsibility to fill up his shoes.

Bri makes a song which is related to her anger and frustration due to her financial situation. Fortunately, this song goes viral…but for all the wrong reasons.

Overall, it will be a story of never giving up on your dreams even though you need to face hurdles. Especially for black people freedom of speech is not always free as shown in the movie On The Come Up.

Frequently Asked Question

Who Will be the Lead cast of On the Come Up?

According to reports, The lead Character of Bri will be played by Jamilla C. Gray.

Will There Be an On the Come Up Movie?

Angie Thomas’s The Hate U give is going released as a movie in the form of an On the Come Up movie. This is officially announced by Angie Thomas herself. Reportedly movie has been beginning its filming and soon release date will be announced.

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On the come Up will be the must-watch emotional drama and eventually it will help to boost you to fight against all odds to achieve your goal. So we are here to tell you more about this movie. Please stay connected with us.