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Here Comes Hell: The Comedy Horror!


David Mudd

Do you want some comedy? As well as horror? If so, there is one of the latest movies in this particular genre. Jack McHenry’s Here Comes Hell is a comedy horror set in the 1980s.

Here we help you analyze the movie in the multidimensional aspects of the cinematic review. So, let us get started.

Here Comes Hell | About

Here Comes Hell

Here Comes Hell is a horror-comedy movie framed under the direction of Jack McHenry. Meanwhile, it stars Jessica Webber, Margaret Clunie, Tom Bailey, and Robert Llewellyn.

In Here Comes Hell, a genre-bending horror-comedy, a 1930s dinner party devolves into bloodshed, gore, and demonic possession. That is how it goes.

What Is Here Comes Hell Storyline?

The plot revolves around a group of English high-society acquaintances who attend a dinner party at the dilapidated house of a deceased occultist. It is owned by the foppish free-spending Victor (Charlie Robb) in the present.

Victor invites his cold socialite sister Christine (Margaret Clunie), Texan drinking buddy George (Tom Bailey), and fading tennis star Freddie (Timothy Renouf) to a surprise séance. This is performed in the house by spiritualist Madame Bellrose, thinking it would be a bit of fun (Maureen Bennett).

To everyone’s astonishment, Freddie also brings his new fiancée Elizabeth (Jessica Webber), a middle-class lady who becomes an easy target for Christine’s caustic tongue.

The liquor and cigarettes are plentiful, and the acting is superb, with the exception of Tom Bailey’s American, who is less believable but not distractingly bad. Clunie and Webber stand out, and their growing connection as the night goes tragically wrong is both realistic and intriguing.

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When Did Here Comes Hell Get Released?

Here Comes Hell was directed by Jack McHenry and was published on November 11, 2019. This film lasts 1 hour and 20 minutes and is only available in English. The film’s main cast includes Margaret Clunie, Nicholas Le Prevost, Robert Llewellyn, Timothy Renouf, Tom Bailey, Maureen Bennett, Charlie Robb, Jessica Webber, Alfred Bradley, and Jasper Britton.

Here Comes Hell

What Is The IMDb Rating For Here Comes Hell?

Here Comes Hell is a genre-bending horror comedy with a 5.0 IMDb rating from 682 IMDb users about a 1930s dinner party that devolves into bloodshed, decapitations, and demonic possession.

The movie is not so good at ratings so that is why it is referred to as a comedy-horror failure.

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Why Should I Watch Here Comes Hell?

Here Comes Hell (2019) claims to be a love letter to early horror’s gloomy mansion movies, when the pace is sacrificed in favor of a moody atmosphere and people with enigmatic motivations.

Rather, it’s a lovely homage to Sam Raimi’s initial days, with entertaining and excellent budget effects and a tone that alternates between humorous and horrific. The historical setting, cinematic effects, and clever monster work elevate this picture to one of the year’s best indie efforts.

Here Comes Hell | Trailer

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Where Can I Watch Here Comes Hell?

Here Comes Hell is streaming free on VUDU. You can also rent or buy it on Amazon Prime and Apple TV. And watch it with the very subscription.

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Here Comes Hell

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