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Henry Cavill’s Reaction To The Snyder Cut Announcement

Well, it’s here! DC Fans were taken by surprise when Zack Snyder dropped the massive bombshell that the Snyder Cut will be available to stream on HBO Max in 2021. It’s certainly huge news for fans who have been campaigning for the cut for years. On the film’s second anniversary, all cast members of the League put a “#ReleaseTheSnyderCut” post on their social media, save for Henry Cavill and Ezra Miller.

Miller, it should be noted, doesn’t really use social media. Cavill, on the other hand, does. Jason Momoa and Ray Fisher have been the loudest voices in campaigning for the cut. However, Cavill has pointed out the occasionally toxic nature of the Snyder Cut campaign. In any case, he agrees that the Cut releasing is ultimately a good thing.

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What’s Next For Superman (Henry Cavill)?

It’s a darn shame, however, that Cavill wasn’t ever given a good script during his tenure as Superman. It’s very much up in the air given how messy Warner Bros.’ handling of the DC Extended Universe has been. The last we heard was that there were rumours that Warner Bros. wanted Michael B. Jordan playing Superman. So much for that Matthew Vaughn Superman sequel.

Cavill’s dedication to the role has certainly been commendable. So, it’s surprising how Warner Bros. is treating the Superman IP. As it were, they seemed to prioritize a Supergirl before getting Superman right. Which is especially weird considering that when done right, Superman is a guaranteed money printing mission. However, the studio seems focused on their belief that Superman isn’t relevant or relatable.

The Russo Bros expressed hope that they could one day direct a Superman film. And by all accounts, I think that they would be a perfect choice. They successfully reinvented Captain America for the modern audiences, grounding him, giving him an emotional arc and not to mention made him so much cooler.

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