Hello Kitty Case: The Landmark Case of a Nightclub Hostess Will Leave You in Shock!


Saloni Singh

At the point when a 14-year-old young lady told police she was being spooky by the phantom of a lady, they didn’t trust her. Be that as it may, when she made sense of who the lady was, they were sickened. This is where the Hello Kitty case actually began!

In May of 1999, a 14-year-old young lady advanced toward a Hong Kong police headquarters. She let officials know that for the beyond half a month, she’d been continually tormented by the phantom of a lady who had been limited by electrical wire and tormented to death. The police forgot about her, excusing her cases as only dreams or teen babble.

Their advantage was provoked, in any case, when she made sense of that the phantom was of a lady she’d took part in murdering.

Following the youngster back to a level in the city’s summary Kowloon locale, they found that the young lady’s fantasies were as a matter of fact genuine bad dreams. Inside the level, they found a larger than usual Hello Kitty doll with the executed skull of a lady inside it.

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The case became known as the Hello Kitty Murder, and was viewed all through Hong Kong as perhaps of the most corrupted wrongdoing in memory.

hello kitty case

The Hello Kitty Murder Victim, Fan Man Yee

Fan Man-yee’s life was disastrous even before she was executed and her head stuffed inside a doll.

In the wake of being deserted by her family as a youngster, she was brought up in a young lady’s home. When she was a teen, she had fostered an illicit drug use and was going to prostitution to pay for her propensity. By 23, she had gotten some work as an entertainer at a dance club, however she was all the while engaging dependence.

In mid 1997, Fan Man-yee met Chan Man-lok, a 34-year-old socialite. The two met at the club and found they shared something practically speaking. Fan Man-yee was a whore and a medication junkie and Chan Man-lok was a pimp and a street pharmacist. In a little while, Man-yee was a normal expansion to Man-lok’s gathering, notwithstanding his thugs.

Later in 1997, frantic for cash and medications, Fan Man-yee took Man-lok’s wallet and endeavored to snatch the $4,000 inside it. She hadn’t understood that Chan Man-lok was the last individual she ought to have taken from.

When he saw his money was gone, Man-lok enrolled two of his associates, Leung Shing-cho and Leung Wai-Lun, to abduct Man-yee. He planned to compel her into prostitution for him and take the cash she brought in as compensation for the money she had taken from him. After a short time, notwithstanding, the arrangement had gone crazy.

Hello Kitty Murder: Ah Fong

The medication master and his partners in crime before long concluded that just undermining Fan Man-yee would not have been sufficient, and started tormenting her. They tied her up and beat her, and for north of a month exposed her to different detestations: consuming her skin, assaulting her, and driving her to eat human dung.

However the torment of Fan Man-yee was adequately stunning, maybe more shocking is the story of the 14-year-old young lady who revealed her murder to the police. In addition to the fact that she was answerable for handing the torturers over, yet she was one herself.

However, referred to just as “Ah Fong,” possible a pen name to her by the Hong Kong courts, the 14-year-old young lady was a sweetheart of Chan Man-lok’s, “better half” was presumably a free term. No doubt, the young lady was another of his whores.

At a certain point, when Ah Fong was visiting the unbearable triplet in Man-lok’s loft, she saw Man-lok kick Man-yee multiple times in the head. Ok Fong then, at that point, participated, hitting Man-yee in the head.

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However the subtleties of the degree of the torment incurred by Ah Fong were not delivered, as a feature of her request bargain, they were no question broad. At the point when gotten some information about them, she answered, “I had an inclination it was for entertainment only.”

hello kitty case

The Killing

Following a month of torment, Ah Fong found that Fan Man-yee had kicked the bucket for the time being. Chan Man-lok and his associates contended that she had kicked the bucket from an excess of methamphetamine that she had regulated herself, however most specialists guess it was her wounds that in the end killed her.

They just conjecture since it’s basically impossible to be aware without a doubt. Subsequent to finding she was dead, the thugs moved Man-yee’s body to the condo’s bath and dismantled her with a saw. Then, they cooked the singular bits of her body to prevent her from breaking down and discharging the smell of decaying tissue.

Utilizing bubbling water on similar oven on which they were preparing supper, the executioners heated up the bits of her body and discarded them with the family’s trash.

Her head, be that as it may, they saved. In the wake of bubbling it on the oven (and supposedly utilizing similar cooking wares to mix their dinners that they did to move her head around) they sewed her bubbled skull into a larger than average Hello Kitty mermaid doll.

Moreover, they kept one of Fan Man-yee’s teeth and a few interior organs which they put away in a plastic sack.

The Trial For The Hello Kitty Murder

In return for security (which she likewise logical got to a limited extent because of the way that she was so youthful), Ah Fong affirmed against Chan Man-lok and his two cohorts. While trying to free herself of the eerie she professed to encounter, she point by point the torment that the three men put Fan Man-yee through.

However the story was so upsetting many felt it could never be valid, the proof uncovered by police was damming and upsetting. The condo where Man-yee had been tormented was brimming with Hello Kitty memorabilia, from sheets and drapes to towels and flatware.

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Besides, the body part prizes taken from Man-yee were seen as inside, with proof that every one of the three men had connected with them.


Who Was the Survivor of the Hello Kitty Case?

Fan Man-yee

On 17 March, Fan Man-yee (樊敏儀) was caught, seized, and tormented by three men and one young lady prior to kicking the bucket a month after the fact. She was then beheaded and her skull was set within a Hello Kitty doll, which represented and gave the name for the murder case.

How Old Was Junko Furuta?

Junko Furuta was only 17 years of age when she was assaulted, beaten, and killed by four teen young men in 1980s Japan.

hello kitty case

What Is the Story Behind Hello Kitty?

Hello Kitty was planned by Yuko Shimizu and was added to the arrangement of early Sanrio characters in 1974. The person’s most memorable appearance on a thing was in March 1975 on a vinyl coin tote sold in Japan, where she was envisioned sitting between a container of milk and a goldfish bowl.


There was no question that she had encountered incredible torment, and that the three men had incurred a large part of the harm to her body, yet it was basically impossible to tell whether a medication glut or the torment was to be faulted.

Thus, the three were indicted not for murder, but rather homicide, as the jury trusted that however they had caused her demise, passing was not the purpose. The charge left Hong Kong’s public faltering from the Hello Kitty Murder, however the threesome was condemned to life in jail – with the chance of parole in 20 years.

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