Hell Fest 2: Will There Be A Sequel?



Are you into slasher films? If you are into thriller films, there is no doubt that you escape from these kinds of films. Directed by Gregory Plotkin, ‘Hellfest’ is a slasher film that centers around a group of friends who decide to go to Hell Fest. As Halloween is about to start and these people are about to enjoy the party, they find out that a masked killer is stalking them with evil intentions. However, the masked killer gets mixed among the people and it becomes quite difficult for these friends to escape from him. 

As the film released its first part, fans were excited to watch the series. With the story getting involved from the start till the end, the fans started to wonder about the show’s future. If you have watched the first part of the film, you must be wondering about the future of the series, there is no wonder that people are speculating about Hell Fest 2 after knowing the ending of the film. 

In this article, we’ll be going to discuss everything about the series in detail. If you are curious to know Hell Fest 2, you are in the right place. Here is everything you need to know about the series. 

Hell Fest 2: Will there be Another Sequel?


‘Hellfest’ was released on September 27, 2018, around the world. The first part of the film made a huge impact on the people and as the story concluded on a cliffhanger the people started wondering about the sequel of the film. There are already a lot of things happening around the series and the series is highly likely to bring another part of the series. 

As the story of the show got huge, it wasn’t able to make a huge impact at the box office. When the film was released in the theater, it only managed to suppress $18 million. Although, the production of the film only takes $5.5 Million which is considered a success for the filmmakers. After watching the ending, we know that there is enough reason for the show makers to invest in the sequel. The fans of the series are constantly demanding the release of the sequel as the story was not enough to give satisfaction. 

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As of now, there are no official details regarding the sequel of the film. The officials are already wondering whether they will release another part of the film series or not.

Hell Fest 2 Release Date: When it is Expected to Release?

Hell Fest 2 is not yet confirmed by the officials. The sequel of the thriller film has not yet been announced to be in production, and although there are many reasons for the series to be back in the world, there are still no updates from the officials. 

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After seeing the performance of the series at the box office, it seems tough to say anything. Everything lies on the officials who will be the supreme of the show. If the officials desire, they will be back with the show. 

Hell Fest 2 is expected to release in 2023 or 2024. We don’t have any official release date for the film but if there will be anything, we’ll make sure to let you know.

Hell Fest 2 Cast: Who will be in it?

If there will be a second film, we are hoping for all the major characters to be in the second part. Hell Fest 2 is confirmed to bring the following characters. 

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  • Amy Forsyth as Natalie
  • Reign Edwards as Brooke
  • Bex Taylor-Klaus will appear as Taylor Ann Smythe
  • Christian James will be back as Quinn
  • Matt Mercurio as Asher
  • Roby Attal will follow back as Gavin
  • Tony Todd as The Barker
  • Michael Tourek as Security Guard
  • Courtney Dietz as Britney
  • Elle Graham will be back as The Other’s Daughter
  • Stephen Conroy as The Other
  • Daniel Wilson as creepy Park Owner

Additionally, if there will be more characters in the film, we’ll make sure to let you know. As for now, we don’t have any official details regarding it.

How fans Reacted to the show?

The fans admire the film for its unique storyline. One person wrote, “I was staying up one-night watching scary movies. I searched for scary movies and saw this movie, then I rented it and watched it. I don’t regret watching it at all. There were amazing scares, extreme suspense, and parts where you just want to scream at the person to leave or go the other way! I think it’s a great mix of fear and suspense. If you decide to watch this movie, I 100% recommend you watch this during the night. Honestly, I don’t see this being scary at all during the day or night. I’m just going, to be honest. I watched this movie at like 4 or 5 in the morning! Which makes the movie even scarier and heart-stopping, I love this movie. although this movie isn’t one to re-watch. You will bore yourself out because you know what happens in every part. 10/10 recommended watching this movie if you enjoy blood rushing, heart-stopping, nail-biting suspense, and ultimate fear.. watch -once- at midnight for 11/10 (BEST results)”

Is there any official trailer to watch?

As of now, there is no official trailer regarding the sequel of the movie. Fans are already hoping to see more of the film but it will be too soon to wonder about the trailer. If there is a second part of the film, we’ll let you know the trailer. 

At the same time, if you have not watched the first part of the film, here is the official trailer of the movie. Watch the trailer of the film and get all the latest details regarding the movie. The official trailer reads, “On Halloween night, three young women and their respective boyfriends head to Hell Fest — a ghoulish traveling carnival that features a labyrinth of rides, games, and mazes. They soon face a bloody night of terror when a masked serial killer turns the horror theme park into his playground.” 

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