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After the conclusion of the second season, the fans of the series started to wonder about the second season of the show. As fans watched Crystal winning the Duffy Wrestling League championship, everyone became curious about the future potential of the show.

We know most of you have already watched the first season of the series and are highly anticipating the release of the second season. In today’s article, we will be going to talk about the renewal status of the second one. If you are one of those people who want to explore the potential of the show or want to keep the details of the series then here are all the details for you.


Genre Drama
Created by Michael Waldron
Starring Stephen Amell,  Alexander Ludwig, Alison Luff, Mary McCormack, Kelli Berglund, Allen Maldonado, James Harrison, Roxton Garcia, Chris Bauer, Robby Ramos, Trey Tucker
Opening theme “Love in War” by Ben Bridwell
Composer Jeff Cardoni
Country of origin United States
Original language English
No. of seasons 2
No. of episodes 12
Producer Bill Hill
Production location Georgia
Editor Jason Gourson
Running time 57–62 minutes
Original network Starz
Original release August 15, 2021 –


Heels Season 2 Release Date

During one of the interviews, Michael Rosenbaum, the Arrow star talked about the series by saying, “They are now in the process of, as best I understand it, ‘untangling’ that partnership,'”

He continued: “As they are untangling everything, they are figuring out which assets belong to whom. So as a result, we wrapped filming [season two] on the first of July and we don’t have a premiere date, let alone a trailer.”

The second season has recently made it to the screen. If by any chance you haven’t watched the second season of the show, you can stream it online. The show was officially released on 28 July 2023. 

Heels Season 2 Plot: What to Expect with the show?

The first season of the Heels saw some of the unexpected things. Fans watched how the finale season of the show concluded on a major cliffhanger. We learned how Crystal won the Duffy Wrestling League championship after Jack and Ace got into a noisy fight in the ring.

The official synopsis of the show reads, “While the title of “Heels” might lead one to believe the series is about the fashion or shoe industries, it is actually about the world of professional wrestling. A “heel” in the square ring is a villain, whereas a “face” is a hero.

Stephen Amell and Alexander Ludwig star as two brothers and rivals who play out scripted matches as they war over their late father’s wrestling promotion and vie for national attention in small-town Georgia. A piece of trivia: longtime wrestling fan Amell broke his back while performing a stunt for the first episode.”

What do the officials Say About the show?

As the second season has already made into the highlight, Michael Waldron, the creator of the show had an interview where he revealed that “At the end of this final episode, as they get into a real fight in the ring, there’s a lifetime of rivalry and jealousy that explodes in that ring.

“I think they’ve finally broken apart, and there’s the question of: Where do they go from here? Who is Jack without Ace? And who is Ace without Jack? That’s all interesting stuff to explore.”

He further talks about the show by saying “If [the DWL is going to] succeed, you’re going to have to see Jack start to do the hardest thing for him, which is to cede a little bit of control.

“Part of that means listening to other wrestlers like Rooster [and] Diego and perhaps giving those guys the push that they might deserve. Season 1 is so much about fighting against failure. Looking to the future, it’s interesting to ponder: What are the struggles of success that this team might face together?”

Heels Season 2 Cast: Who is in it?

In this section of the article, we will be going to read about the cast of the currently released season. A lot of people want to know about the incredible cast of the series. Starting with Stephen Amell, the man behind The Flash and The Vampire Diaries. He is already seen in the second season of the show.

Next comes Alexander Ludwig, who is known for his show Vikings. In the next few lines, we will be talking about the cast of the show.

  • Stephen Amell as Jack Spade
  • Alexander Ludwig as Ace Spade
  • Alison Luff as Staci Spade
  • Kelli Berglund as Crystal Tyler
  • Mary McCormack as Willie Day
  • Mike O’Malley as Charlie Gully
  • Trey Tucker as Bobby Pin
  • Robby Ramos as Diego Cottonmouth
  • Allen Maldonado as Rooster Robbins
  • Chris Bauer as Wild Bill Hancock
  • CM Punk as Ricky Rabies
  • AJ Mendez as Elle Dorado

Heels Season 2 Official Trailer

Are you wondering about the official trailer for season 2? If you want to watch the official trailer for the fourth installment unfortunately we don’t have anything regarding this. However, if you haven’t watched the series here, then here is the official trailer for it.

Where to watch the show online?

If you want to watch the series then it is exclusively available on Starz to stream.  The audience can find the show on the online platform and watch the episodes of this amazing show.

There are tons of other shows available on the platform including Party Down, the story follows around  Henry Pollard and his job.

What are the online ratings of the show?

Most of you must be wanting to learn the online ratings of this series. In this section of the article, we will be going to explore the ratings of the show given by the critics and the audience.

How many episodes of the show are Released?

The series has successfully released its first season, while the second season of the show is currently airing. Heels consists of 12 episodes in total.

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Final Verdict

A Lot of people have begun questioning about the second season of the show. To all those people who don’t know about the series, the show makers have already announced the show. The second season has already been released.

I enjoyed writing this article for you guys. If you want to know more about your favorite show, movie series, and web show then continue reading articles from our side, Trending News Buzz, and get all the latest updates about the upcoming events happening in the entertainment community.