He Man Netflix: Ready to Watch This Animated Series!


David Mudd

Animated series are the most watched series on any platform and the craze for anime fiction superheroes are going in trend.

So here I came up with one of the popular science fantasy series which is named as He Man And the Master of Universe Revelation which is produced by Powerhouse Animation studio and it’s the continuation of 1980s original series which tells us many things which were not revealed in that one.

It is the new version of the 1980s original series which came out in two parts of 5-5 each and started to air from July 23, 2021.

Some of the events of He man are ignored in this Netflix computer animated series but you love to watch this drama as the prince or the boy didn’t know much about him and got his powers slowly slowly.

The series aired in English language in the United States which features Chris Wood, Mark Hamill, Sarah Michelle Gellar, Liam Cunningham, Lena Headey as the main voice cast while music is provided by Bear McCreary.

He Man Netflix

This animated series is created by Kevin Smith and this Master of the Universe is based on Master of the universe by Mattel.

It is the new version of the series which sees all gang members along with He Man.

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You can also say that it is a mixture of past elements with a new generation in which a boy named Adam forgets his past and suddenly discovers his He-man powers in his teen age.

Before this he only knew the power of Grayskull but now his complete team knows about him and in this creators take the main character boldly with other few characters as the gang of Adam.

The use of CGI makes the character more effective as compared to traditional anime and now characters are designed in a modern way.

It was also explained by Jeff Matsuda who is co-executive producer of the series that, “We have ours, and all the iterations, but it’s nice for kids (because) they want to own something themselves. I have kids and if it’s something that has to do with their dad, they’re ‘ah, no, thanks.’ They want something of their own to enjoy.”

He Man Netflix

The main thing to make this series is to show the changing of He-man itself.

In the previous story he is ready to take over the evils without thinking so much but creators want to make or to show the concept that heroes are also changed from time to time.

Heroes do mean perfect heroes but it also reflects the starting journey of any person and facing challenges to become a hero.

You can watch He Man and the Master of Universe first season on Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Youtube and Google Play Movies and Tv.

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Here is the trailer for He Man Part 1 and part 2.

Is He-man Coming for Season 2?

Yes, you will see He-man and the master of Universe soon and here is the trailer for the new season.


He-Man and the Master of the Universe Revelation is a good animated series and it received 6 ratings out of 10 on IMDB with increase in its popularity that’s why the creators decided to renew another season which is set to come on March 3, 2022.

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