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Is There Going To Be Hawaii Five O Season 11?


David Mudd

There are a few prominent programmes that stand out when it comes to American police action shows, one of which being Hawaii Five-0.

As a result, we’re going to bring this up right now so you can learn more about this series. Is Hawaii Five-0’s run on CBS coming to an end? Let’s see what we can find out!

About Hawaii Five O Web Series

Hawaii Five-0 is an American action police procedural television series based on the governor of Hawaii’s request for a special police major crimes task force.

It is a remake of the CBS series Hawaii Five-O, which ran from 1968 to 1980 and had the letter “O” instead of the number “0” in its title. K/O Paper Products and 101st Street Entertainment produced the series, which began with CBS Productions and ended with CBS Television Studios in season three. The show was praised for its contemporary reimagining of the old series.

One of the show’s creators, Peter M. Lenkov, also developed two other police shows, MacGyver and Magnum P.I., both of which were reboots of past TV series. All three series are set in the same fictional universe, and Hawaii Five-0 has crossover episodes with both. The three shows have been dubbed the “Lenkov-verse” as a whole.

What Is The Plot of Hawaii Five O Web Series?

The series follows the operations of Lt. Commander Steve McGarrett, USNR, and his small, specialised DPS task group in Hawaii. The task force reports only to the Governor of Hawaii and is given complete immunity and authority. The task force is unrestricted and has the Governor’s full support. The squad may investigate a wide range of crimes, including terrorism, kidnapping, murder, and robberies.

McGarrett appoints Detective-Sergeant Danny “Danno” Williams of the Honolulu Police Department as his partner and unofficial second-in-command of the squad. Former HPD Detective-Lieutenant Chin Ho Kelly, his father’s protégé, and Chin’s cousin, rookie HPD officer Kono Kalakaua, round out the team. Later on, DHS Special Agent Lori Weston is assigned to the squad, though the Governor forces her to return to the DHS.

Dr. Max Bergman, a medical examiner for the City and County of Honolulu, and Jerry Ortega, Chin’s high school classmate and a conspiracy believer, are among others who help them. Steve later adds Lou Grover, a HPD SWAT commander, and for a brief time, Catherine Rollins, Steve’s girlfriend and a former USNR lieutenant.

Following the departures of Max, Chin, and Kono, McGarrett replaces Max with medical examiner Dr. Noelani Cunha, and Chin and Kono are replaced by high-achieving HPD academy washout Tani Rey and Junior Reigns, a former Navy SEAL-turned-Police Candidate.

Following the couple’s divorce, Kono’s spouse Adam Noshimuri joins the task team, and shortly after Jerry’s departure, CID Sergeant Quinn Liu is recruited in his stead. Medical examiner Dr. Noelani Cunha, confidential informant Kamekona Tupuola, and HPD liaison Sergeant Duke Lukela are presently assisting the team.

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Who Is In The Star Cast of The Hawaii Five O Web Series?

  • Alex O’Loughlin as Lieutenant Commander Steven J. “Steve” McGarrett, USNR. A decorated former Navy SEAL, McGarrett is head of the Five-0 Task Force and son of retired HPD Sergeant John McGarrett.
  • Daniel Dae Kim as Detective Lieutenant Chin Ho Kelly, HPD (seasons 1–7). A veteran HPD detective, he was John McGarrett’s former rookie and provides technical expertise and local know-how.
  • Grace Park as Officer Kono Kalakaua, HPD (seasons 1–7). A former surfer, she was personally recruited by McGarrett while still in her final days at the HPD Academy.
  • Taryn Manning as Mary Ann McGarrett, (season 1; guest seasons 2–4, 6, 9) Steve’s younger sister who lives in Los Angeles and occasionally visits Hawaii.
  • Masi Oka as Dr. Max Bergman (seasons 2–7; recurring season 1; guest season 10), the eccentric and well-respected County of Honolulu medical examiner.
  • Lauren German as Special Agent Lori Weston (season 2; guest season 2).[7] A senior DHS agent assigned to Five-0 to provide oversight.
  • Michelle Borth as Lieutenant Catherine Rollins, USNR (seasons 3–4; recurring seasons 1, 6; guest seasons 2, 5, 7–10). A former Navy Intelligence officer and McGarrett’s girlfriend.
  • Chi McBride as Captain Lou Grover, HPD (seasons 4–10; guest season 4). A transfer from Chicago PD and has two children with his wife Renée.
  • Jorge Garcia as Special Consultant Jerry Ortega (seasons 5–10; recurring season 4), a conspiracy theorist who assisted Five-0 during several investigations and is eventually hired as a “consultant”.

How Many Seasons Is The Hawaii Five O Web Series?

The series was set to end after ten seasons and 240 episodes on February 28, 2020, with a two-episode series finale on April 3, 2020. CBS Entertainment President Kelly Kahl and showrunner and co-creator Peter Lenkov both verified this.

So there’s only 10 seasons to this amazing series.

What Is The IMDb Rating of The Hawaii Five O Web Series?

The series has a 7.3 IMDb rating which makes it a worthy watch series. This rating has been acknowledged by more than 69K IMDb users.

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Will There Be Hawaii Five O Season 11?

Hawaii Five-0 is no longer on the air, but fans of the action series are perplexed as to why the show was terminated when it was still attracting viewers.

Although the ‘police procedural’ television series was a revival of the original 1968 show, it gained a large fanbase of its own.

Hawaii Five-0, on the other hand, is coming to an end after nearly ten years on our screens.

The series came to a sudden end, leaving viewers perplexed as to why it was cancelled, especially given the show’s devoted following.

Hawaii Five O Web Series Movie Review

Every episode’s plot is engaging and distinct in its own way. It’s not like a cop show where there’s only a crime to solve and that’s it. There’s a lot more to it! It’s incredibly character-driven, putting a lot of emphasis on the characters and providing them with unique and compelling narratives!

It appears and feels as if they all genuinely love and care for one another. Furthermore, the acting is excellent! In my perspective, it isn’t cringy, bad, or forced, and it certainly doesn’t feel or seem like it!

Despite the fact that the programme has evolved and feels a little different from DDK and Grace Park, it is still fantastic.

There’s crime, action, drama, comedy, suspense, love and affection, romance, amazing partnership and friendships, great storylines and so on!

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Hawaii Five O Web Series Streaming Options

You are able to stream Hawaii Five-0 by renting or purchasing on Google Play, Vudu, Amazon Instant Video, and iTunes. You are able to stream Hawaii Five-0 for free on CBS or Pluto.


Hawaii Five O Web Series has got a lot more to be explored. And soon we will come up with something more about it and other entertainment! Until then stay up with us.

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