Haunted Mansion Movie 2023 Release Date, Streaming Platform, Exciting Trailer And Cast!


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The third film based on the iconic attraction will be called The Haunted Mansion movie. The 2003 movie The Haunted Mansion, starring Eddie Murphy, was the very first adaptation of Disney’s Haunted Mansion for the big screen.

More recently, the Muppets returned to the attraction inside the Disney+ special Muppets Haunted Mansion. After everything mentioned above, the next edition truly requires something distinctive to stand out. Fortunately, it seems to work that way. Haunted Mansion is building up to be a movie to look forward to with its superb ensemble and hilarious adventure.

In the upcoming new movie, Disney gives the well-known story a fresh spin.

What Will Be the Release Date of the Haunted Mansion Movie?

The long-term wait is finally going to end. Yes, the long-awaited movie is set to be released soon. The movie Haunted Mansion will hit screens on July 28, 2023. Previously the movie was decided to be premiered on March 10, 2023, then it was shifted to August 11, 2023. Let’s keep our fingers crossed, the date stays the same.

Haunted Mansion movie

It was revealed in July 2010 that Guillermo del Toro would be writing and producing a reboot rendition of The Haunted Mansion movie for Walt Disney Pictures. According to Del Toro, the production would take place in an enhanced reality rather than in the real world.

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He added that one of the primary characters in the film would be the Hatbox Ghost and claimed it would be “fun and frightening at the same time, however, the scary will indeed be scary.” Disney just unveiled the new logo as well as a plot summary for the upcoming movie based on the beloved Disney ride.

Where to Stream Haunted Mansion 2023?

The movie will be available to stream on the Disney Plus platform. It is a subscription-based platform and provides you with different premium plans. So, choose the plan according to your convenience. Have a look at the plans:

Disney+ Basic: Disney+ (With Ads):  $7.99/month

Disney+ Premium: Disney+ (No Ads) :

  • $10.99/month or
  • $109.99/year.

What Do We Know About the Upcoming Disney Movie?

Haunted Mansion movie

According to reports, the new Haunted Mansion from Disney won’t be a copy of the Eddie Murphy film from 2003. Additionally distinct from Disney’s impending Muppets Haunted Mansion, which will debut on Disney+ in October, is the movie. The movie will instead be a fresh interpretation of the attraction, which is present in several Disney parks around the world.

The Haunted Mansion has been one of Disney’s greatest renowned assets outside of the impending movie. The coaster debuted in 1969 and was first intended as just an attraction for Disneyland in California. Currently, the ride can be found in Hong Kong Disneyland, Tokyo Disneyland, Disneyland Park Paris, and Disneyland.

The attraction takes visitors on a doom-buggy journey of a haunted home, complete with gloomy corridors, eerie moving objects, and several friendly and unfriendly spirits, however, it differs in each park.

The Haunted Mansion represents Disney’s most recent effort to make money off of its theme parks. Along with the undertaking, Disney just debuted the enormously popular Jungle Cruise. Jungle Cruise, which was based on a Disney ride as well, teamed up Emily Blunt as well as Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson for a fantastical journey down the Amazon River.

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Along with a large box office haul, Jungle Cruise made money through a Premier Access launch on Disney+, earning almost $200 million worldwide despite a global epidemic.

A follow-up to the movie is already being developed at Disney as a result of its popularity. In addition to bringing in money at the box office, the movie also revitalizes Disney’s Jungle Cruise ride by drawing attention to the dated attraction.

Disney made a wise choice by introducing the latest Haunted Mansion movie. The studio lacks substance when it pertains to horror series. The addition of horror might increase the number of options available to current Disney+ customers and fans all the while attracting new ones to the streaming service.

Additionally, the change might offer Disney a special chance for commercialization, drawing more attention to the Haunted Mansion experience as well as enabling Disney to broaden its existing line of toys and goods. Disney also has the opportunity to create a brand-new blockbuster franchise using its existing IP, in addition to Jungle Cruise and Pirates of the Caribbean.

Who Are the Main Cast Members of the Upcoming Horror Sequel?

Haunted Mansion movie

We were also introduced to several characters in the plot who were portrayed by some of Hollywood’s top actors, which increased our excitement for the movie. A doctor, portrayed by Rosario Dawson, alongside her nine-year-old son, portrayed by Chase Dillon, is indeed the central character of the movie.

They are trying to start a new life and seize the opportunity to completely transform their lives when they discover an unsettlingly affordable estate in New Orleans. They had no idea that there are already some unexpected occupants in the residence.

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Once they learn that perhaps the mansion was indeed haunted, they approach a priest who is played by Owen Wilson, who then enlists the assistance of a scientist and bumbling paranormal expert portrayed by LaKeith Stanfield, a French Quarter psychic played by Tiffany Haddish, as well as a grumpy historian, who is played by Danny DeVito.

Trailer of Haunted Mansion!

The trailer for this super thrilling movie has been aired recently by the makers. With the trailer, you can have a preview of the storyline that the movie will follow. So what are you waiting for?

Check out the official trailer of Haunted Mansion.


Who is the Haunted Mansion movie’s director?

The Haunted Mansion movie is directed by Justin Simien.

Who are the film’s producers?

The producers of the movie are Dan Lin and Jonathan Eirich.

Who composed the movie’s music?

On April 10, 2022, Kris Bowers was claimed to have written the score.


In a nutshell, the movie Haunted Mansion is set to be premiered on July 28, 2023. The makers have shared the official trailer of the series recently. The movie is a remake of the film Haunted Mansion 2003 but the directors have assured that the audience will get a completely different storyline but the movie will be more amazing, amusing, and spell-bounding.

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