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Harvey Weinstein : Weinstein Is Reportedly Kept Under Suicide Watch In The Prison

With Women beginning to take over a lot of things these days and coming out boldly and bravely about their unfortunate setbacks in life, such as sexual assault or rapes, and expanding the #metoo movement while spreading awareness, There are still instances and uncountable cases that have not reached the spotlight ultimately.

One such case that came into the knowledge of people just a few days back was the rape and sexual assault case of Harley Weinstein.

Who Is Harvey Weinstein?

Harvey Weinstein is an American producer who has produced films such as Django Unchained, Kill Bill volume 1, and my forever favourite classic Good Will Hunting, etc. The producer was thought to be doing very well for himself when in January 2017, things turned direction.

Nearly every known woman in the industry came out or had something related to say with charges on him for assault, rapes, and sexual and this ended up as what we call a downfall in Mr Weinstein’s life. The legal proceedings were started in 2018, and he was convicted in 2020 and now he has to spend how much ever time he is sentenced to on the court on Wednesday.

Suicidal, Scared And More!

The American Producer is now apparently suicidal, especially after the suicide of Epstein, a sex trafficker who was caught and convicted. The producer is now kept under 24 our surveillance with growing concerns and controversies as he previously had medical issues and problems.

The Reality

Looking at all of the facts, things do become a big picture and drag a lot of limelight when you are a public figure and mess up with crimes and wrongful acts. Personally, what I feel is the worst part is that things aren’t really what they seem or arent the way they’re shown to you.

They say there’s always more than what meets the eye and it rings significantly true when you consider someone of high status with values, and it ends up turning out in unfortunate ways.

Weinstein is now under proper watch by the alarmed and concerned officials and If you are someone that is into films you’d probably know the fantastic cinematic performances that he’s been a part of.

Stay tuned to know more!

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