Harrow Season 4 Release Date: Where To Watch Harrow Series?


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The medical-drama Harrow Season 4 release date is not out yet. The television program Harrow centers on the lives of Queensland-based forensic pathologist Dr. Daniel Harrow. He doesn’t always follow the rules and prefers to do things his way. Daniel has a unique ability to comprehend and communicate with the deceased, which aids in the resolution of bizarre and perplexing cases.

Even if it requires breaking the law or using alternative tactics, he is committed to finding the truth and giving voice to the victims. His family, his job, and possibly himself are at stake due to a secret from his past.

Release Date Of Harrow Season 4

The producers of the popular medical drama “Harrow” at ABC have not yet confirmed if there will be a fourth season. However, there is no reason to think that the series won’t continue for more episodes unless ABC announces its cancellation. The renewal for Harrow Season 3 was announced in October 2019, approximately three months after the second season ended.

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The third season premiered about 16 months later. This means that the time between the finale of Season 3 and the debut of Season 4 is extending beyond two years. Since no new episodes have aired since 2021, it is possible that “Harrow” Season 4 could premiere in 2023. We can consider potential delays related to the pandemic.

Cast Of Harrow Season 4

  • Ioan Gruffudd plays the role of Dr. Daniel Harrow. He is a skilled and unconventional senior forensic pathologist at the Queensland Institute of Forensic Medicine (QIFM).
  • Mirrah Foulkes portrays Sergeant Soroya Dass. She is a criminal investigator with the Queensland Police who develops a romantic interest in Daniel during the first season.
  • Remy Hii takes on the role of Simon Van Reyk who is a junior forensic pathologist and Daniel’s assistant and protégé.
  • Anna Lise Phillips plays Stephanie Tolson. She is Daniel’s ex-wife and the mother of their daughter Fern. She works as a primary school teacher and appears in the first two seasons.
  • Darren Gilshenan portrays Lyle Ridgewell Livingston Fairley who is a senior forensic pathologist at QIFM. He is more conventional and meticulous compared to Daniel, often living in his shadow.

Harrow release date season 4

  • Damien Garvey portrays Bryan Nichols who is a Detective Senior Sergeant in the Queensland Police’s Criminal Investigation Branch.
  • Ella Newton plays Fern Harrow, the daughter of Daniel and Stephanie. She has been living on the streets for two years.
  • Hunter Page-Lochard portrays Callan Prowd who is Fern’s boyfriend. He has a history of selling drugs and has been convicted for it.
  • Robyn Malcolm plays Maxine Aleksandra Pavich, the Director of QIFM and Daniel’s boss. She also becomes romantically involved with Bryan during the first two seasons.
  • Tony Barry portrays Jack Twine, Daniel’s former boss at QIFM and long-time mentor. He is now a resident in a nursing home.
  • Jolene Anderson portrays Dr. Grace Molyneux, Lyle’s niece and a junior forensic pathologist at QIFM. She used to be a neurosurgeon and becomes a love interest for Daniel.

Recap Of Harrow Season 3

The Australian series follows the life of a forensic pathologist named Dr. Daniel Harrow, who resides in Queensland. He has a tendency to challenge authority and has a troubled past that poses a threat to his family and professional life.

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Despite his personal struggles, Daniel is depicted as a compassionate individual when it comes to investigating cases of death. His empathy allows him to unravel complex and peculiar mysteries. The show also focuses on his relationship with his son, James, and his interactions with his family. With its captivating storyline, the series offers plenty of surprises and a gripping plot.For more exciting you can also watch some best Horror movies on Netflix

Spoiler For Harrow Season 4

In the upcoming fourth season of the series, viewers can expect the story to continue from the previous season. The exact plot details for season 4 are still unknown. The new season will follow the journeys of characters like Dr. Daneil, Tanya, James, and others.

It will bring more thrilling twists and turns just like in season 3. Since the plot hasn’t been revealed yet, fans will have to wait for both the plot details and the release date of the new season.

Review And Rating Of Harrow

As the seasons progress, the storyline in Harrow becomes more focused on unrealistic and exaggerated dramas related to Harrow’s personal life. This is not a positive aspect and indicates a lack of fresh ideas, especially noticeable in season 3.

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However, despite this, the show remains entertaining and Ioan Gruffudd’s charismatic performance is always reliable and enjoyable. Common Sense Media rated the medical drama 4 out of 5.

Where To Watch Harrow Series?

The fourth season of the series will start airing on ABC TV Channel. If you haven’t seen it yet, you can watch the previous seasons of the series. The show is available on Hulu.

Harrow season 4 release date

Additionally, you can find the third season on Disney Plus, Hulu, and Amazon Prime Video. If you haven’t watched the series yet, it’s a great choice for some exciting entertainment!


Harrow is a TV show that premiered in 2018 on the Australian ABC network and later became available internationally on Hulu. It belongs to the growing genre of medical dramas on television. Similar to House, the main character in Harrow is a doctor who doesn’t always follow the rules but is dedicated to his patients. However, there is a twist in Harrow’s case as he primarily investigates deaths rather than treating living patients.

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