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Harrison Wagner Cause of Death. What is the latest update?

The death of Harrison Wagner, the son of Jack and Kristina Wagner, is still under investigation, according to a representative for the Los Angeles County Coroner’s Office.

The representative informs that the “cause of death” has been postponed. “Deferred” simply implies that the medical examiner wants to do further research to ascertain the cause of death, including additional autopsies.

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“Once the results are in, the doctor will reevaluate the case and make a conclusion as to the cause of death,” the statement reads in part.

Harrison was discovered dead in a neighborhood parking lot on Monday, according to a report obtained by the Los Angeles Medical Examiner’s Office. He was 27 years old.Harrison Wagner cause of death

Harrison is the youngest child of Jack and Kristina. Peter, the 31-year-old son of the ex-couple and former General Hospital actors, was born in 1993. His daughter Kerry was born from a previous relationship. (When Calls The Heart star Jack has two children.)

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Before he died, Harrison posted this message on Instagram: “Focus on the task at hand. You and your thoughts are all that is left for you.”

General Hospital actress Felicia Scorpio, 59, also talked about spending time with her two boys while vacationing at the Wagner family ranch.

In a May 20 post, she said, “A bittersweet farewell to the land we named Wagner Ranch for 25 years.” High desert splendor and a setting surrounded by national forests reminded us there is calm to be found if you’re ready to look for it,” the author says.Harrison Wagner cause of death

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In the words of Kristina: “We must part ways, Ranch. We’ll miss you dearly with our fond memories of you. We know that there will be a lot of delight to be had in the future. Love my sons, Peter and Harrison. Thank you for everything, Peter and Harrison.”

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