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Harper And Robyn Divorce: The Finale of The Best Man!

This article will discuss topics like “Harper And Robyn Divorce” and Everything you need to know about the finale of The Best Man and also what happens to the rest of the cast. Therefore, if this is something that piques your curiosity, stick with us.

The narrative of the individuals we’ve known for 23 years is wrapped up in The Best Man: The Final Chapters, which comes after eight episodes full of highs and lows in terms of drama and appreciated humorous moments. The cast danced their way into the end credits of the series finale, paying homage to how the original The Best Man concluded with the pals dancing at Lance (Morris Chestnut) and Mia’s (Monica Calhoun) wedding to Cameo’s “Candy.”

While the dance scene in the show brought back some memories for fans, the entire last episode served as a farewell for each character, sending them off into the metaphorical sunset. But precisely where did everyone go?

What happens with Quentin and the Spivey company? (Terrence Howard) Is Lance’s next great love finally found? In relation to romance, did Jordan (Nia Long) and Harper (Taye Diggs) end up together in the end?

Harper And Robyn Divorce: Does Harper End Up With Jordan?

harper and robin divorce

Whether Harper and Jordan will finally get together was perhaps the biggest question going into The Final Chapters. Given the rocky marriage of Harper and Robin (Sanaa Lathan) in the second part of the season, it certainly appeared like that was a possibility. The situation became so bad that Harper and Jordan really had a drunken night during which they shared a kiss, leading viewers to believe that #Hordan or even #Jarper was on the horizon.

He did, however, meet Jordan for a stroll in the park after Harper and Robin followed through with their divorce. The latter acknowledged that, despite Harper being adorable, she cannot serve as his “soft place to land” as they paused and chatted by the lake. She continued, “I can’t wait for him to get over his divorce because he won’t get over it for a very long time.” Jordan did provide a glimpse of hope by kissing her and leaving any potential love future between them to fate. So, do Harper and Jordan end up dating?  Not exactly.

The group has gathered to celebrate Harper’s most recent writing success in the series’ concluding scenes, two years after the events of the first episode (Robin is missing). There is no hint that he and Jordan have become an item, but it is obvious that they remain close.

Does Candace Obtain A Doctorate?

harper and robin divorce

When the team visited the island to see Quentin’s wedding, another miraculous event took place. Candace (Regina Hall) found that alternative medicine piqued her curiosity. This curiosity developed into a strong enthusiasm, which she then channelled into her pursuit of a doctorate. She unfortunately encountered a professor who, in her opinion, did not back her thesis, which prompted her to visit Dr. Temple (Michael Genet). Even though Dr. Temple first appeared to be a valuable resource for her academic endeavours, he ended up sexually harassing her in the second part of the season of the show.

Candace appeared to leave school after the late-night office encounter with the professor. In fact, it isn’t until the music begins to conclude the finale that viewers truly learn whether or not she obtained her degree.

She not only earned her doctorate, but she also appeared on the “The Women Who Spoke Up” cover of New York Magazine.

Does Lance Proceed Past Mia?

harper and robin divorce

Despite the fact that Mia was rarely physically visible in the episode, her character still had a significant influence on Lance. Although he originally tried to cope with her passing by sleeping with more than his fair share of women, his friends chastised him for his coping mechanism. Then, against the backdrop of a tropical island, with Quentin’s impending wedding on the horizon, he met Jasmine (Yvonna Pearson). Lance was taken with her the moment he laid eyes on her. She was betrothed to someone else when they first met, which was unfortunate for him.

Lance was able to follow Jasmine from a distance. The two don’t re-connect as friends until he inadvertently reaches her on social media. The two then finally come face to face for the first time since meeting on the island during the ceremony honouring Lance’s jersey retirement. Although she insisted it was just a coincidence that she worked at the same hotel where the event was taking place, observers could tell she was really eager to attend. He even introduced her to his kids after some friendly banter between the two of them.

By the time The Final Chapters reaches its climax, the viewer can see a sizable engagement ring on Jasmine’s finger, indicating that the two were on their way to the altar.

Does Quentin Offer To Sell Spivey Corporation?

harper and robin divorce

Quentin gradually takes over the day-to-day management of the family business (the Spivey hotel properties) as the series progresses. He even added Paris to the chain of hotels. Unfortunately, the worldwide COVID outbreak caused the Parisian hotel to collapse swiftly. The business as a whole also suffered and was in danger of going out of business.

At that time, Quentin was presented with a generous offer to purchase the Spivey hotel holdings. While he approved of the bid, his father (who had to approve the deal) did not. The older Spivey didn’t want the business to be sold to someone outside the family since he was proud to have started it from nothing. The future of the company became questionable because the two were at a standstill and Quentin’s father was battling what appeared to be Alzheimer’s disease. What The Spivey family chooses to do with the buyer’s offer is still unclear at the end of the episode.

But we assume that the father-and-son team chose against selling. When his daughter and father started sharing family stories and hotel history, Quentin felt profoundly moved. He was moved enough to realize that no amount of money could persuade him to sell.

Streaming of The Best Man: The Final Chapters is currently available on Peacock.

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