Harlots Season 4: Cancelled By Hulu!


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Alison Newman and Moira Buffini are the creators of the American television series The Harlots. The programme premieres on March 29th, 2017, with the first episodes. Margaret Walls is the narrator’s central character, based on a prostitute’s directory called “The Covent Garden Ladies,” which is based on the plight of women in the seventeenth century.

Despite being a woman of the 18th century, Margret does not want her children to follow in her footsteps and engage in sex acts. It takes a lot of her effort to protect them from this unpleasant task.

The plot will keep you glued to the screen for quite some time. A number of notable cast members include Samantha Morton (Margaret), Lesley Manville (Lydia), Jessica Brown Findlay (Charlotte), and Eloise Smyth (Lucy).

The first season of Harlots was distributed on ITV Encore and the second season via Hulu ( further seasons). Now that the first three seasons of the programme have been released, viewers may watch them on a variety of devices, but the fans aren’t done yet! They’d like “Harlot Season 4,” but when can we expect it to air?

There will never be a fourth season of Harlot since Hulu has officially said that “there won’t be a Harlot Season 4.” In addition, the last season (season 3) of the Harlots will serve as the series’ conclusion and final season, according to the network.

In season 3, we saw Sophia visit her mother’s house to reminisce over old photos and memories. There was a second reason for Kate’s departure. In the final season of this programme, we also saw the death of our favourite characters, and in the final moment, we saw Quigley and Lucy sitting together and enjoying their beverages together.

You may be asking why the show has been cancelled: To learn more about this, please keep reading.

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The Harlots Season 4: Dropped?

The show’s demise hasn’t been confirmed by Hulu. The termination of the fourth season of Harlot is not only a Hulu decision; ITV Encore has also shook hands with Hulu for discontinuing the programme without providing any explanation.

There is no doubt that this news has upset supporters, as seen by their reactions.

If you’re a fan like me, then you’ll want a second season, too. Let’s see whether there will be a fourth season!

Name of the Show Harlots Season 4
Genre Period Drama
Release Date Canceled
Directed By Alison Newman


Platform Hulu
Main Lead Samantha Morton
No. of Seasons 3

Harlots Season 4: Cancelled!

As of now, the programme is no longer available on Hulu or ITV Encore however it’s possible that there may be additional seasons if other streaming services like Netflix, Amazon Prime Videos or Disney+Hotstar take a chance on it for the 4th season.

At the moment, there aren’t any solid tidbits of information on a possible renewal, but who knows? Do you agree? Whether or whether you’re happy with the conclusion is up to you. Tell us what you think!


Fans are dissatisfied with both decisions, as seen by the negative feedback they’ve received after the release of the fourth film.

Rumors about Netflix doing the 4th season is this true ???? Please say yes!!! We want the fourth installment so badlyyyyyy!!!!“, “Hopes to see more in the fourth installment.

For this reason, Hulu and ITV Encore have decided to discontinue the show. A fourth season will pick up just where the third one left off.

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