Hard Cell Season 2 Release Date: Is the Series Worth Watching?


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What is the release date of Hard Cell Season 2 Release Date? Is it canceled? In this article, we are going to share everything about Hard Cell Season 2. Have a look on what we have found out so far for you. You are on the right page for all latest updates. Let’s explore.

About Hard Cell

Hard Cell is a British mockumentary sitcom streaming television series. The series was developed by Catherine Tate, also plays six of the main characters. The series premiered on 12 April 2022, and consists of six episodes. 

Is Hard Cell Season 2 Canceled?

While some viewers are expect for Hard Cell Season 2 release date since its first release, the series likely to be canceled. Yes, you have read it rightly. For now, there is no confirmation or any declaration regrading the upcoming season of Hard Cell and it is likely to be canceled after its first season.

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Its first season premiered on 12 April 2022 Hard Cell : Is There a Hard Cell Trailer?Since then there is no update about its second season. However, even with the cancelation news, some fans are still rooting for Hard Cell Season 2. Well, if it happens, we will definitely keep you updated with it but till then, we suggest you to not expect Hard Cell Season 2.

What Happened In Hard Cell Season 1?

Hard Cell revolves around UK prison governor Laura Willis (Catherine Tate). She thinks that creativity leads to rehabilitation and plans to put on a musical. During the six-week rehearsals, the casting members boost their self-confidence and bond their friendships.

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What Could Be The Possible Cast If Hard Cell Season 2 Happens?

If Hard Cell season 2 happens, we expect it to return with the previous season’s cast members:

  • Catherine Tate as Laura / Ros / Ange / Big Viv / Marco / Anne Marie
  • Christian Brassington as Dean
  • Cheryl Fergison as Herself
  • Niky Wardley as Anastasia
  • Jola Olajide as Charlee
  • Peter Singh as Gary
  • Lisa Davina Phillip as Pat Pat
  • Melissa James as Cathy With The Hat
  • Suzie Chard as No Hat Cathy
  • Stacey Guthrie as Thick As Shit Jean
  • Lorna Brown as Cal
  • Caroline Harding as Sal
  • Dystin Johnson as Vicki
  • Bruce Alexander as Doug
  • Catherine Morris as Sian
  • Irene Alano-Rhodes as Suds
  • Edie Newman as Blind Sally
  • Donna Preston as Fat Pat
  • Rae Cooksey as White Pat
  • Marina Hayter as Gormless Madge
  • Jane Mosse as Pretend Parker Bowles
  • Abdul Salis as Sebastian
  • Duncan Wisbey as Martin
  • Elisabeth Wilson as Scouse Fi
  • Andy Wood as Tom Jones Lookalike
  • Daniel Hawksford as Ioan
  • Jumoké Fashola as Mama Dede
  • Rachael Hilton as Nurse Allison
  • Tonya Smith as Sian’s Sister
  • Alys Head Jones and Mabli Wyn Jones as Sians’s Kids

However, the probability for season 2 is low so we can’t expect Hard Cell Season 2.

Hard Cell Season 2 Release Date

Hard Cell: Ratings And Reviews

Ratings are important part and decide the probability of the sequel. Talking about its ratings, This series has been rated 6.3 stars out of 10 on IMDb.

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Talking about its reviews, it has received mixed reviews from audience and critics. Mockumentary is a whole new concept to be introduced among audiences as of now but still it has been liked by viewers due to its storyline with the comedy elements.

Is the series worth watching?

Hard Cell is a series with a new concept. If you want to experiment something new, you can go for this series. Let us know about your plans.

Where To Watch Hard Cell?

Hard Cell can be found out on Netflix. It is currently available to stream on Netflix with all-six episodes. If you are interested to watch it, you can watch it with an active subscription.


Hard Cell is a British mockumentary sitcom streaming television series. The series premiered on 12 April 2022, and consists of six episodes. There is no chances for Hard Cell Season 2 and is likely to be canceled.

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