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Hanna Season 2: Future Expectations, Release Date, Cast, Plot And Trailer


David Mudd

What is Hanna About

The first Hanna season having 8 episodes in totality was released last year and since then has to grab quite a fanbase.

The story follows the life of Hanna, a teenager, living with her father in a distant place in Poland.

The action drama has a conveniently fantastical plot.

Hanna and Erik

We see Hanna’s father, Erik actually recruiting pregnant women in a surreal CIA program.

Herein, the DNA of their children is intensified so as to make them super-soldiers.

Erik falls in love with this one lady, Johanna and once her child, Hanna, is born, they decide to flee.

Hanna Season 2

Having been followed by Marissa, a shrewd CIA agent, the three of them met with an accident and Johanna lost her life.

Erik, grief-stricken, saves baby Hanna and flees away.

This was followed by the CIA officials assigning Marissa, the task of pinning down Erik and baby Hanna.

Story Of Hanna So Far

A teenager on the verge of the most subtle development into womanhood learns a few disturbing facts about herself.

First and foremost is her identity. Erik, whom she thought to be her father, wasn’t her biological dad.

We see in Season 1 how Hanna finds her birth certificate where she notices the area under the section “Father” is filled with ‘Unknown’.

More so, Erik had nominalized her DNA as ‘abnormal’ and she somehow bumps into that paper as well.

I know. Could it get any worse? Turns out, it can!

The Story’s Progression

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As a teenager, she is filled with zest and an acute fetish for liberty. She wants to uncover the web of lies and take a stand for her own identity.

Having befriended this one girl, Sophie, on her way back from Morocco to Berlin, she rushes to her as a way out of the confusion she’s currently in.

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Sophie keeps Hanna in her house and urges her one day to join her to dance.

It’s here that experiences the first jitters of having a crush.

Just when we thought things were going smoothly, we realize Sophie and Hanna have the same love interest. Ouch?

Things get distressing between them but then, you know, a teenager cannot just run away from the stress and strain, adolescence brings with it.


Hanna Season 2

In the final scene, we see Erik is brutally wounded. Helpless, he asks Hanna to bury him right next to where Johanna’s body was buried.

Sad indeed. I cried too, folks. I cried too.

Season 2

A few new characters were announced for Season 2, for instance, Dermot Mulroney, Anthony Welsh, Severine Howell, Gianna Kiehl, and Cherelle Skeete.

It’ll be amusing to see her character development, along with her sister ‘Clara‘, as she’s now an orphan, alone in a bad world out there.

A super-soldier orphan, with the responsibility to ward off enemies and set life of her own.

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