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Hangover 4: Will It Ever Going to Happen?

The Hangover, which flipped the old “bachelor party” idea on its head. It was done by adopting a creative new framework. And stacking the picture with an extremely brilliant ensemble. Ushered in the twenty-first century with a spike in filthy, rowdy comedy. When friends Phil (Bradley Cooper) and Stu (Ed Helms) take their friend Doug (Justin Bartha). And his odd future brother-in-law Alan (Zach Galifianakis) to Las Vegas for his bachelor party, things start off well. But the celebrations quickly go awry when Phil, Alan, and Stu wake up in the morning and realize they’ve lost Doug.

If you somehow missed The Hangover, we’ll leave it to you to figure out where Doug is. But overall, this still-funny picture set a new bar for raunchy comedy. It’s still a fan favorite over a decade later. And it even won the Golden Globe for Best Musical or Comedy in 2010. In that context, it’s understandable that The Hangover generated two sequels. Resulting in a trilogy that no one saw coming. It’s also fair that one enormous concern lingers in 2020: Will there ever be another Hangover film?

Hangover 4

Since the original film’s release, its performers and director Todd Phillips have only grown in popularity. Further winning Academy Award nominations and major chances left and right. This leaves the possibility of a Hangover Season 4 picture open. From the cast’s thoughts on a third sequel to what the cast has been up to since The Hangover 3. Here are the reasons why we might never see Phil, Alan, and Stu’s messed-up exploits in another Hangover film.

More Info on the Series, Hangover Season 4

Who doesn’t enjoy a good dose of humor with a dash of drama? If you like movies, I’m sure you’ve seen The Hangover Series at least a few times. The entire series was critically and economically successful. Fans of The Hangover Series are anxiously anticipating Hangover 4. But, will there be a fourth installment of The Hangover?

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To date, the first film in the series has been deemed the greatest. The films that followed were a tad underwhelming. Let us just accept that the first film set a very high bar. The Hangover 1 was the highest-grossing film of 2009. The film grossed about $467 million. Furthermore, the film was nominated for a number of prizes.

Following the first film, The Hangover 2 was released in 2011. And the third installment of the film series was released in 2013. After over a decade, we still can’t get enough of the film. Without further ado, let’s find out if there will be a Hangover 4!

Possibilities for the Release Date of The Hangover 4

If we were to pick the best movie in the series, it would be the first one, hands down! The first film in the series was a box office success. The film’s creators were undoubtedly interested in making a sequel. Given the popularity of The Hangover I, it was a wise decision!

Hangover 4

However, the second film did not perform as well as the first. Both critics and enthusiasts were heard making similar statements. They all discovered that the plots of The Hangover I and II were nearly identical. The narrative didn’t have any variety.

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Something extremely similar happened in the third part of the series. The third film garnered a worse reaction than the second. There didn’t appear to be anything further to contribute to the tale. The film appeared to be an exaggeration and a lot of fluff. The third film was enough to convince us that the franchise had passed its course. Hangover 4 might be simply another narrative embellishment and excessive stretching.

The Hangover Series Characters

Bradley Cooper plays Phil, a teacher and the Wolfpack’s leader.

Stu, played by Ed Helms, is a dentist.

Alan, Doug’s socially inept prospective brother-in-law, is played by Zach Galifianakis.

Doug, the groom, is played by Justin Bartha.

Heather Graham plays a stripper named Jade.

Tracy, Doug’s bride, is played by Sasha Barrese.

Jeffrey Tambor plays Sid, Tracy and Alan’s father Ken Jeong plays Mr. Chow, a flashy Chinese mobster Rachael Harris plays Melissa, and Mike Tyson plays Himself.

Returns on the Hangover Sequels Are Dwindling

The first Hangover picture was a breath of new air. It mixed a humorous narrative with outstanding performances from Cooper, Galifianakis, and Helms (and Bartha, when he was really on screen). Unfortunately, the filmmakers were unable to capture the same lightning in the two subsequent films.

Because the idea of the first picture was what made it stand out. It’s simple to understand why such a hyper-specific structure would not work if repeated twice more. The Hangover, on the other hand, scored well critically and completely demolished the box office. Further making roughly $470 million on a $35 million budget. And becoming one of the highest-grossing R-rated pictures in cinematic history. So it seemed inevitable that a sequel would develop. The Hangover Part II was released in cinemas in 2011.

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The gang finds itself in an all-too-familiar predicament in the sequel film. But instead of Las Vegas, they find themselves in huge difficulty in Thailand ahead of Stu’s wedding to Lauren (Jamie Chung). After a crazy night in which they lose Lauren’s little brother Teddy (Mason Lee). Part II, like the previous Hangover film, sees the gang retrace their travels. And get themselves into even more sticky circumstances along the way, eventually locating Teddy just in time. Rehashing this recipe did not go down well with critics. Who have raised concerns about suspected animal abuse and tone-deaf jokes about race.

Hangover 4

The Hangover Part III attempted to replicate the magic of the original film once more in 2013, but it tragically left reviewers even more unsatisfied than before, putting the franchise’s existence in jeopardy. A Hangover Season 4 picture, on the other hand, would be a no-brainer for a studio. Despite receiving mixed reviews, both sequel films grossed a sizable sum at the box office, with Part II outperforming Part III by hundreds of millions of dollars.

What the Cast Feels About the Possibility of Hangover Season 4 Film

Aside from the studio’s opinions, the most pressing concern is whether director Todd Phillips and the original cast will return for The Hangover 4. In terms of Ed Helms, the answer is a loud “no,” and he’s made it obvious that he’s done with the series throughout the years. Helms played a game called “Helms yes or Helms no” during a January 2020 interview with Access Hollywood (via US Magazine).

When asked if there will be a fourth Hangover film. Hangover Season 4 he said, “Helms no,” adding that he feels the franchise has run its time. This isn’t the first time Helms has declined a sequel to The Hangover. Helms was forthright about the odds of a sequel in an interview with CinePop (via ScreenRant) in 2018. I’d say the chances of a fourth movie are between nil and zero. Cooper, Phillips, and Galifianakis haven’t been as forthcoming as Helms. About their opinions on a hypothetical Hangover 4 sequel, but the truth is that these three are extremely busy with other, much larger projects.

Cooper, in particular, has established himself as a Hollywood mainstay. Having received Academy Award nods for co-writing, directing. And acting in A Star Is Born opposite Lady Gaga in an incredibly successful directorial debut. Galifianakis appeared in FX’s highly praised series Baskets and won an Emmy for his cringe-worthy comedy series. Between Two Ferns, which spawned its own Netflix film. Phillips, on the other hand, may be done with bawdy comedies. After reaching critical mass with Joker, which received 11 Oscar nominations (including Best Director). And awarded actor Joaquin Phoenix his first Best Actor prize. All things considered, a fourth Hangover film, Hangover Season 4 may never be made, but you can always watch the previous three films on Netflix whenever you want.

Final Thoughts

This was everything there was to know about The Hangover. There are several hints that a new episode of the series will not be released. It is time to realize that the Hangover has passed. Please forward this to all The Hangover lovers. Stay tuned for more of this type of material.

Have a wonderful day and a wonderful life!

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