Hand Grabbing Post: The New Trend Is Here on TikTok!


Saloni Singh

Virtual entertainment and images are the two types of online substance made to encourage collaboration among users. The objective of images is to spread a socially pertinent thought, while the motivation behind web-based entertainment is to work with discourse about said point.

A picture or video that really catches the aggregate outlook and sensation of its viewers is known as an image. As a rule, the substance of an image is a picture with a smart inscription.

New internet images spring up each day, yet the ones that wind up turning into a web sensation will generally be the ones that have been around for some time.

Images like “Leave 12,” “Miserable Keanu,” and “Diverted Boyfriend” have solidified their place in mainstream society history. Another model is the rebound of the “Hand Grabbing” Discord post image that began moving again in February of 2022.

hand grabbing post

What Is Hand Grabbing Post?

As the name proposes, the Hand Grasping Discord Post image includes a hand getting a handle on a Discord post.

Assuming that you’re new to Discord, it’s a web-based talk stage where individuals can find “servers” loaded up with individuals who share their inclinations.

Public posts on Discord can incorporate everything from sound and video calls to message and picture messages to private discussions and that’s just the beginning.

The image “Hand Grabbing Discord Post” portrays an immense hand firmly grasping a message board post. It’s a clear image generator for when you want a beginning stage for your own sharp phrasing.

For What Reason Do the Users of TikTok Adore the Thanos Version?

Nobody knows without a doubt where the image initially seemed on the web, albeit many quality its life span to an unknown Discord user.

In February of 2022, two things — TikTok and Thanos — are ruling web-based entertainment, and their joined name is “I got a Discord.”

Grant me to expound. One more cycle of the image portrays Thanos’ purple hand, instead of a human hand, holding the Discord post.

TikTok has been taken over by an image, so obviously users partake in the Marvel character. TikTok has the most noteworthy pace of development among all online entertainment stages right now.

Furthermore, thusly, whomever or anything controls TikTok ultimately runs the globe.

hand grabbing post

How Might I Make Hand Grabbing Post?

If you have any desire to get in on the tomfoolery and make your own form of the Hand Grabbing Discord Post trend that has quite recently taken across TikTok, you’ll have to track down a layout.

You might get an assortment of image formats, including the work of art, Thanos, and red foundation styles, here.

At the point when you’re ready, you might save the plan and afterward snap a depiction of the tweet or Discord message that the hand will hold.

Then, use a photograph supervisor to consolidate the two pictures. A Discord Post image of you grabbing hands was made particularly for you.

Why Are People so Enthusiastic About It?

The Marvel superhuman is obviously a hit since the connected image has totally assumed control over the video-sharing stage TikTok.

The ubiquity of TikTok has made it the most quickly growing virtual entertainment stage today. Consequently, when something overwhelms TikTok, it rapidly becomes universal on the web.

Additionally, that is fundamentally the way in which this image works as well. It’s very entertaining, and a developing number of individuals are joining the fleeting trend.

The Hand Grabbing Discord Post Meme

The Hand Grabbing Discord Post image is precisely exact thing it says on the tin, a hand grabbing a Discord post.

Assuming that you’re new, Discord is a web based informing stage where users can speak with likeminded people in networks called ‘servers‘.

On Discord, you can voice call individuals, do video calls, send instant messages and photographs, confidential meet-up and furthermore share public posts, which is what’s genuinely going on with the image.

hand grabbing post

The Hand Grabbing Discord Post image is an enormous hand holding a Discord post. It is intended to be used as a layout where you can embed your own interesting text and make your own image.

TikTok Users Love the Thanos Version

The specific beginnings of the image are hazy, yet it was probably made by a secret Discord user and has existed on the internet for a long time.

Authoritatively called “I got a Discord,” it’s at present assuming control over online entertainment again in February 2022 for two reasons, TikTok and Thanos. Allow me to make sense of.

Somebody made an elective form of the image that has Thanos’ purple hand holding the Discord post rather than an individual’s hand.

Individuals obviously love the Marvel comic book character because the image has been taking over TikTok.

TikTok is the quickest developing online entertainment stage at this moment. Thus, when something takes over TikTok, it before long assumes control over the world.

The Most Effective Method to Make a Hand Grabbing Meme

To participate in the viral TikTok pattern and make your own Hand Grabbing Discord Post image, you’ll have to track down a layout.

You can track down a progression of layouts here for the ordinary, Thanos and red foundation variants of the image.

You should simply save the format and afterward screen capture the Twitter or Discord post you maintain that the hand should hold.

Then, at that point, use a photograph supervisor to alter the two together and presto! You’ve made your own Hand Grabbing Discord Post image.

hand grabbing post

For What Reason Do the Users of TikTok Adore the Thanos Version?

The image’s exact starting points are obscure, in any case, it is generally accepted that a strange Discord user is liable for its well established presence on the internet.

Its true name is “I got a Discord,” and two factors, TikTok and Thanos, are presently overwhelming web-based entertainment in February 2022. I’ll make sense of.

In an alternate variety of the image, Thanos‘ purple hand is shown holding the Discord post as opposed to a human hand. Since the image has taken over TikTok, clearly individuals revere the Marvel comic book hero.

Presently, TikTok is the web-based entertainment network with the speediest development. In this manner, anything that controls TikTok before long controls the whole world.

How Might I Make Hand Grabbing Post?

You’ll have to find a format to take part in the well known TikTok pattern and make your own Hand Grabbing Discord Post image.

For the norm, Thanos, and red foundation varieties of the image, you can track down various layouts here.

Essentially save the plan and afterward take a screen capture of the Discord or Twitter post you maintain that the hand should hold.

Then, join the two utilizing an image manager, and voila! Your own Hand Grabbing Discord Post image was made.

hand grabbing post


New images spring up on the internet consistently yet it’s generally expected the old ones that stay the most well known.

There are a couple of images that have stood out forever and won’t ever bite the dust, like Sad Keanu, Distracted Boyfriend and Exit 12.

Another is the Hand Grabbing Discord Post image which has reemerged and circulated around the web again in February 2022.