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Halo Infinite: Everything To Know About Gameplay, Features, Release Date And More


David Mudd

The latter half of 2020 is going to be grand for gamers worldwide. Along with the release pf Outsiders, Halo is coming back with the sixth edition of its franchise- Halo: Infinite.

The game is once again developed by 343 Industries along with co-developers SkyBox Labs. The game is published by Xbox Games Studios. The platforms it will be available in are Microsoft Windows, Xbox One, 4th generation Xbox including Xbox Series X.


Once again, the story takes place in a Halo Ring. The storyline will take up where it was left in the fifth edition Halo 5: Generations. The face focus of Generations’ storyline was split between Master Chief and Spartan Locke. This time the focus will mainly be on Master Chief.

Cortana will surely be back as the developers have teased gamers by hinting at the fact. The plot of the game focuses on a spiritual reboot of the whole saga. This might be the perfect edition for the ones who haven’t played the game before.


The first-person shooter game will be similar in terms of gameplay to its last edition. It is obvious though that they have planned many improvements for the newest edition. It will be following the single person shooter format which the franchise is known for.

The players will be able to step into powerful armours that have various abilities. They will also be laden with deflector shields that are damaged with sustained hits and recover over time. They will be able to carry two personal weapons and on top of that a crew weapon and hand grenades.

One notable improvement made was the availability of split-screen green multiplayer experience. The gamers were deprived of it in the last edition but it is provided with this face these round.

Release Date

Halo is scheduled to release in the second half of the year. It will be locking horns with Outsiders, the third-person shooting game. It will be interesting to see how face-off off of the two most anticipated games of the year turns out. But one thing is for sure, the latter half of the year is going to be a treat for all the gamers.