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Halo Infinite: Developers Now Working From Home Struggling To Get On Schedule


David Mudd

Halo Infinite is one of the most anticipated titles among gamers for 2020. We know it’s scheduled to come out during the year’s holiday period, but we’ve heard precious little about it. Presumably, it will be an Xbox Series X launch title, although it is also coming to Xbox One and PC.

How 343 Industries Are Functioning

However, with everyone being told to work from home, Halo fans have been curious about how developer 343 Industries is faring. Have they miraculously escaped the consequences of the coronavirus pandemic? Is it business as usual? Will there be any delays in the game’s release?

Halo Infinite

Well, 343 Industries answered all of these questions more in a blog post. The long and short of it is – no, Halo Infinite is still on track. They are, however, not working from the studio itself. As their blog post informs, they are working from home.

“As the situation began to take a turn for the worse in our area about two weeks ago, Microsoft and 343 leadership gave our studio guidance to work from home. Seeing as safety is the most important thing during a time like this, we took the advice and have been working from home ever since,” it says.

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Will It Affect Halo Infinite’s Release?

They are improvising and making sure they can all work to the best of their abilities. The blog continues, saying, “It hasn’t been a vacation though, as every team is adapting and getting creative to make sure they can do their best from outside the studio. Both 343 and Microsoft’s leadership teams have been providing constant updates with how the COVID-19 situation is progressing, how our projects are progressing, and recommendations on how best to stay safe during these unprecedented times.”

Halo Infinite

They also assure fans that they are going to “continue developing and delivering quality Halo experiences while we adjust to this new way of life.”

Updates About Halo MCC (Halo Infinite)

The blog post also mentions that updates for the recently released PC version of Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary Edition. They mentioned that they’re going to continue working on updates for that game. Same applies to the already released Halo: Reach, as well. Both of these games are part of the Halo Master Chief Collection.

Besides Halo: Infinite itself, fans do have a new book, Halo: Shadows Of Reach, to look forward to this year. Troy Denning is going to author the book once again, making it his sixth foray into the Halo universe. It’s available for pre-order and will come out on September 22, 2020.

Halo Infinite