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Hallmark: Another Christmas Movie Marathon This Weekend To Help With Your Quarantine


David Mudd

As the coronavirus locks our doors, many people are looking for good entertainment at home. With Netflix, Hulu, Prime Video, there is only so much that you can watch. However, Hallmark is coming back with its Christmas Movie Marathon again to lift the viewer’s spirits up.

Hallmark Brings Back Christmas Movie Marathon

The Hallmark channel always holds movie marathons during Christmas to celebrate the occasion. However, now that many people are sad and stressing over the coronavirus pandemic, the channel is bringing back its marathon for a second time this week.


The Marathon will start on Friday and go on till Sunday evening, at 6 pm. Hallmark will feature 29 of its best Christmas Movies for you to enjoy. The various titles that will come up are A Christmas Detour, A Christmas Love Story, Holiday Date, A royal Christmas, Pride, Prejudice And Mistletoe, Christmas In Rome and many others.

So grab your blankets, prepare hot chocolate and get ready to enjoy the holiday vibe again during your self-quarantine.

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The Entertainment Industry Helping People Out

The entertainment industry is taking major hits due to the pandemic. Theatres are shutting down and many films and TV shows are delaying production. The industry is losing a lot of money while being on lockdown.

However, this does not mean that they will just sit and watch people stress over the pandemic. Many celebrities and public figures are supporting people in need of assistance. TV networks and shows are donating funds and medical supplies to aid with relief efforts.


Streaming services are making their products free for some time to encourage people to stay indoors. New titles are now streaming earlier on online platforms. Social distancing is coming with re-runs of many iconic TV shows to lift people’s spirits up.

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Celebrities Help In Fighting The Corona

Many celebrities are helping in providing support to families in need. Lady Gaga and Taylor Swift are sending money to fans who are struggling financially due to the pandemic. Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively are donating 1 million dollars to help provide food to individuals.

Donatella Versace and Giorgio Armani are also donating to hospitals in Italy to help them treat patients better. In these times of distress, it is important that people stick together and take care of each other.