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Hailee Steinfield Net Worth: Personal Life, Boyfriends, Career And More



Hailee Steinfield is one of the most versatile actors, models, and pop singers who got its popularity after she debuted in the movie True Grit, 2010. The actress gained widespread popularity over a short period and started her acting career at a young age, She was one among the most popular actress in Hollywood and has been working in multiple movies and gained achievements which including,  Peabody Award, a Critics’ Choice Movie Award, a Billboard Music Award

The major highlights of her career are her movies and how she amazingly performed in every film to make it worth checking for. Her achievements are uncountable and I think there is rarely anyone who has not heard about Hailee Steinfield ever. She has also been nominated for an Academy award after her great performance in the movies. Even though she is a known celebrity around the world, the fans are curious to know about her life, Net worth, and relationship. 

In this article, we are going to discuss everything about the Hollywood actress in brief, continue reading this article till the end and find out everything about her. 

Early life

Hailee Steinfield

Born on December 11th of 1996 in Los Angeles, California, Hailee Steinfield was brought by her neighborhood Tarzana, alongside an older brother. Her cousin, True O’Brien was passionate about acting and that’s how she got her interest in the field. Her cousin has already done some commercial ads by that time and had been working hard since a very young age. Hailee was also brought up by looking at her around the world and that’s how she learned acting skills. 

Hailee started working at a very young age and already started doing commercials. Along with that, she studied in schools in California. While she was homeschooled from 2008 to 2015, she later actively started her acting career and performed well.

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Hailee Steinfield

Hailee started acting at the age of 10 and she gained quite fame at such a young age. Initially, she started to ap in the shorthairs where gained a name and popularity among people. Her directors and creators adored her experience and appreciate her for performing at such an early age. 

When she debuted in “She’s a Fox.”, her popularity kinda reach an extreme level and that was her first time appearing for something so big. Along with this, she has been actively working in multiple movies and shows and working hard to get her name on the big screen. 

Over time, the young girl has already appeared in multiple commercial aids and already appeared on the screen. However, her biggest break in the Hollywood industry was when she appeared on “True Grit”. The movie became an instant success in the theatre and the young girl got more exposure from it.  

True Grit was a massive success and it received a huge fanbase from all around the world. The movie received widespread ratings and all these things mark the popularity of the movie. Due to this, Hailee Steinfeld got more recognition around the industry and she was among the popular kid actors at that time. 

Even more, the movie has impacted hugely in her career, because of the movie, she got a nomination as the best-supporting actress for Academy Award. In 2011, the actress signed another movie, “Romeo and Juliet.” where she signed the lead role of Juliet. 

While it was one of the biggest moments for her, her character gained a lot of controversies because it follows nudity and sex scenes. People argued that the character she played in the movie was unlike how Juliet was actually. Moreover, at that time Hailee was a 14-year-old and all this nudity was completely different from a person. 

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Net Worth

Hailee Steinfield is a young and aspiring actress who has been working in Hollywood since a very young age. She has already released multiple movies and even featured in the recent series named Dickinson. While there have been a lot of questions about her Net worth, we are here to tell you what her net worth is actually like? 

Hailee Steinfield has a net worth of around 10 Million dollars. She is a singer and already working in the movies and series.


hailee Steinfield Boyfriend

Fans have always been curious to know about Hailee Steinfield’s Relationship. The actress has always kept her life private and has never publicly expressed her love for anyone. More than that, she has always avoided any questions regarding her relationship in the Interview. 

Once, certain rumors talked about Hailee and Justin Bieber being together. Bothe celebrity never announced their relationship and also revealed that they are just good friends. 

In January 2018, Hailee was rumored with the former band member of One Direction. It was one of the rare times when he was in the public eye because of her relationship. Both Niall and Hailee were seen to be attending the performance Hamilton in London. They never confirmed their relationship in the initial days but later it was confirmed. 

Hailee and Nail were in a relationship for quite a while until, by the end of the year, they broke up. Their breakup was confirmed by a source. 

Now, Hailee Steinfeld is single and not dating anyone. She is single and already working on her movies. 

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Favorite Quotes

I find that with period pieces, you’re sort of able to rake advantage of what’s around you because prop-wise, wardrobe-wise, and location-wise, it’s all so specific due to that time.

When ‘Romeo and Juliet’ came along, I fell in love with the way it was written, how innocent and vulnerable it was, and how different it was from ‘True Grit.’ I liked that.

The shooting of the guns, was kind of funny because rolling a cigarette and shooting a gun aren’t like normal things for a 13-year-old girl!

Fashion is something I’ve always been interested in… I used to watch the Oscars but paid no attention to the awards… It wasn’t until I started attending red carpet events and was flown out to Paris for my first show, and saw how much is put into it all, that I had this new appreciation for everything.

My mom taught me to live by the three p’s: to always be passionate, persistent, and prepared.

I don’t know if it has set in or not. Honestly, it’s crazy. It’s such an amazing honor. I remember thinking back to being in my room waiting for the call to see if I got the part. It’s like winning the lottery. I’m proud to be a member of such an amazing cast – that’s the best award of all.