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Haganai Season 3- When Will It Be on Our Screen?

Haganai– is a Japanese light novel series. Do you like light novel series? I like even it’s very hard for me to stay without watching/ reading novel series a day.

Tell me one thing……Have you remembered your first day of new school? I remember as it was one of the scaring days for me…Give your answer in the comment box.

“Don’t try so hard to fit in, and certainly don’t try so hard to be different …..Just try hard to be you”.


After observing the demand of the 3rd Season of Haganai, I came to know that not only it is hard for me but of all the fans to wait for the 3rd Season. To give a full stop to your wait, I’m going to share an article with you having all the relevant info regarding your favorite series…

The article consists of the plotline, the casting characters, the upcoming date, the trailer and more…..

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Haganai Season 3

Haganai Season 3 is one of the best anime television series that is based on the light novel series. It is written and illustrated by Yomi Hirasaka and Buriki respectively. Haganai Season 3 is produced by AIC Build.

The 3rd Season follows group of misfits having trouble to make friends. They then started Neighbors Club to make new friends. The story gives us the idea how we feel when we enter a new school ……..

From the above basic idea, it’s hard to wait further…Let’s have a look over the storyline of Haganai Season 3.

The Plotline of Haganai Season 3| What happens in it?

Going to a new school is not like sunshine for all. Even, it’s the scaring experience of which we all are familiar. Despite this it gives us an opportunity for a fresh starting and a chance to be someone by heart.

Same thing happens with Kodaka Hasegawa when he came to know that he’ll be transferred to a new school. He believes this as a new starting for his life and he’ll be able to make new friends.


But as we all know that things don’t really go as per the planning. He was not considered in his school just because of his dirty hair and bad expression. We all know the quote, but never follow on it-

“Don’t judge the book by its cover” In school life, no one cares of this.

Kodaka remains a misfit for a very long time but one day, all the things start changing. He enters in his classroom where he notices another loner called, Yozora Mikazuki who is talking with his imaginary friends. Later, Kodaka started a conversation with her and they both decide to find a solution over their problems. For this they plan to start a club of Oddballs named, “The Neighbors Club”.

That club is for all the other misfit teens of their school. Moreover, the club contains various learn activities to give socializing skills and ways to fit in where they want. Because of this, most of the people remembered their teenage years.

Along with the mind- blowing storyline, I’m going to share the names of the leading characters that made it heart- touching and even inspirational for all the fans (including me).

The Casting Characters of Haganai Season 3

  • Kanae Ito as Sane Kashiwazaki
  • Ryohei Kimura as Kodaka Hasegawa
  • Kana Hanazawa as Kobato Hasegawa
  • Yuka Lguchi as Maria Takayama
  • Marina Inoue as Yozora Mikazuki
  • Misato Fukuen as Rika Shiguma
  • Nozomi Yamamoto as Yukimura Kusunoki
  • Mariya Ise as Aoi Yusa
  • Ayane Sakura as Sora

Above given names are the main characters of Haganai Season 3 that are to be appreciated.

Now, it’s time to know when Haganai Season 3 will be on our screen. To get the answer keep scrolling down …….

Haganai Season 3: Release Date

As per the demand of the 3rd Season of Haganai, we can expect the anime series to premiere in 2022 or later. But the chances of Haganai Season 3 are slim just because of lack of source material.


However, Season 3 is not cancelled exactly. So we can hope for the next season i.e. the 3rd Season of Haganai.

It is good news for all the fans (including me) that very soon our wait will get a final full stop in the coming years.

Don’t you want to enjoy the trailer of Haganai Season 3? I like to enjoy this as it will give us the basic idea about the 3rd Season of Haganai.

The Trailer: Haganai Season 3

The official trailer of Haganai Season 3 is not out yet, as the exact release date is not confirmed now.

To give you the basic idea what actually happens in Haganai Season 3, I’m going to share the official trailer of Haganai that will be helpful to you.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Haganai Season 3?

Haganai Season 3 is an anime television series that is based on the light novel series.

What is it about?

It is about the experience when we enter in a new school.

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Final Words

Haganai Season 3 is one of the popular anime series that gives inspirational message to fit in where you want. It gives socializing skills to the viewers how to tackle situation for the fresh experience.

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