Gypsy-Rose Blanchard’s Ex Misses Her on 3-Year Anniversary, Calls her New Boyfriend Ken a ‘Punk’


Donna Mack

“I have my moments where I miss her and today is one of them,” Blanchard’s ex-husband Ryan Anderson remarked.

On Tuesday, July 2, Ryan Anderson, who is no longer happily married to Gypsy-Rose Blanchard, appeared on TikTok live. He stated that this day marked the three-year anniversary of the day they began dating for the first time.

At an earlier point in the day, Anderson disclosed that he had engaged in a textual dispute with Blanchard’s current boyfriend, Ken Urker.

Despite the fact that Blanchard did not appear to take part in the conversation, Anderson addressed her personally and apologized to her, saying, “Gypsy, I apologize for the fight you had with Ken over text.” I did inquire about your well-being because I am honestly interested in knowing how you are doing. This is because we are currently going through the show thing, and I am enthusiastic about you. It is what it is; I have no control over it. Regardless of whether you want me to or not, I am still concerned.

Within the context of the series Gypsy Rose: Life After Lockup, which is presently being broadcast on Lifetime, the breakup of the relationship between Blanchard and Anderson is being presented.

Anderson acknowledged that he was experiencing feelings of melancholy due to the fact that it had been three years since they had first met. “July 2nd, I shot fireworks off for her tonight like three years ago,” he said with nostalgia.

“Yeah, I need to move on but guys I have my moments where I miss her and today is one of them,” he stated candidly. “Because, as I mentioned earlier, I experienced her for the very first time three years ago. Before I finally got the chance to meet her, we had been talking for a year and a month.

Blanchard and Anderson started chatting while Blanchard was still serving her eight-year sentence for her role in the murder of her mother, Dee Dee. Blanchard was charged with the murder of Blanchard’s mother. The couple tied the knot while Blanchard was incarcerated, and they got back together after she was freed in December of 2023. Four months later, she submitted her petition for divorce.

“If Gypsy was just my girlfriend, I get a completely,” Anderson said in response to comments that he should move on. “But we were legit married for a year and eight months like. Communication between us really just stopped. Even after she left we talked a lot. So you know it’s hard for me. It’s hard for me now the show started that communication [between] us is not what it was. It’s difficult.”

Blanchard reconciled with Urker, her ex-fiancé, after she filed for divorce, and the two are currently dating. Blanchard filed for divorce.


After that, Anderson brought up Urker during the livestream, indicating that he had reintroduced himself into Blanchard’s life as a result of the amount of press that she was receiving.

“That’s why you came back, fool,” Anderson said to Urker, who did not appear to take part in the chat. Urker was no longer present. “You saw all the attention she was getting.”

“I don’t like Ken,” Anderson stated with a strong emphasis. “He’s a punk.”

Anderson stated he would never criticize his ex and encouraged his followers to stay neutral.

“Do not be against Gypsy if you guys like me,” he pleaded. “I want y’all to support Gypsy. I think Gypsy’s great, Gypsy’s amazing. I still have all the love in the world for Gypsy. I’m not gonna say anything negative about her even if I want to or even if I feel like she deserves it … I have too much respect for her.”

Anderson stated he removed his wedding ring two weeks following her divorce motion. He also revealed that he “went out” with a pal over the weekend but it was platonic.

“We really did have a fun time, but I’m not ready to go there. I’m not ready to start anything guys. I’m still picking up the pieces. I’m just being honest. I need to heal before I start a new [relationship].

Blanchard posted her Q&A last week. She stated she’s happier than ever after filed for divorce in April in the pre-recorded video.

“If they know what they want and will make them happy, everyone should follow their heart. I believe you should always try, she said.

Blanchard said, “Life is too dang short to be sad or feel trapped by anything in your life.”

Anderson promised viewers more of what ended their relationship as the show progresses.

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