Gypsy Rose Blanchard is expecting her first child with her boyfriend, Ken Urker, and she is now pregnant.


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The Gypsy Rose: Life After Lockup star, who is 32 years old and who, after years of being exposed to terrible medical treatment, played a role in the killing of her mother Dee Dee in 2015, is expecting her first child with her boyfriend Ken Urker, who is 31 years old. Gypsy Rose divorced Anderson after she started a relationship with Urker. Anderson was missing Gypsy on their 3rd anniversary.

Blanchard shared the exciting news in a video titled “I’m Pregnant, My Journey So Far” posted on her YouTube channel on Tuesday, July 9. “I know the rumors have been flying around for quite some time now,” she explains, “and I’m happy to announce that I am 11 weeks pregnant.”

“Ken and I are expecting our very first child come January of 2025,” she continues, adding that, “This was not planned at all, it was completely unexpected, but we’re both very excited to take on this new journey of parenthood.”

In a later part of the video, Blanchard addresses some of the concerns that she has received from her fans. “I know that there are going to be people who feel like I’m not ready to be a mother,” she says in response, “and I don’t know if anyone’s really ready to be a mother.”

After that, she fell into an emotional state as she contemplated the possibility of being a loving mother to her child. “All the things that I wanted in a mother, I want to give to this baby,” she says as she wipes her tears away. “I want to give myself to this baby.” Blanchard continued, “I am a mother now, and I am happy. All I want to do is be a good mother for my child.” What I aspire to be is everything that my mother was not.”

PEOPLE published an interview with the former prisoner and Munchausen by proxy victim in May, in which she discussed her rekindling of her relationship with Urker. While Blanchard was serving time in jail for her role in the murder of her mother, she was involved in a relationship with Urker, who had initially begun as a pen buddy throughout their time together.

How did Gypsy Rose and Urker’s relationship start?

The proposal was made by Urker in 2018, and the couple’s relationship terminated several years before she was released from prison in 2023. Blanchard was married to her ex-boyfriend Ryan Anderson at the time of her release from jail. Blanchard had married Anderson while she was prison.

Gypsy Rose Blanchard is expecting her first child with her boyfriend, Ken Urker, and she is now pregnant.

“Ken and I reconnected as friends. It wasn’t like, jump out of a marriage and then let me meet up with you, and boom, we’re in a relationship,” she said. “We had kept a friendship for the longest time. He was in a relationship. I was with Ryan, and so we were living different lives with respect to our partners, a ‘wish you the best’ type of thing.”

Blanchard told in a interview she turned to Urker when her marriage to Anderson ended. “It wasn’t until I knew that my marriage was over that I was like, ‘I would like to see you and let’s hang out because we never got to hang out before when I was in prison’,” stated.

“I would say that Ken is my first love because that’s when I honestly felt like a mature love. It wasn’t based off of a fantasy. It was actually based on a connection that two people have for each other,” added Blanchard.

Blanchard’s stepmom Kristy Blanchard told in interview, in May that Urker was traveling to Louisiana to live with her. Kristy also admitted that she urged her stepdaughter to reunite with her ex-fiancé.

“It’s all my fault, and I’ll gladly take the blame. I wanted them back together,” she told PEOPLE exclusively. “I made that happen. Put the heat on me.”

Gypsy Rose will finally get her happily ever after,” she continued. “Ken’s moving to New Orleans to be with her soon. He found a place. Gypsy is so excited to have him closer. A love like theirs comes once in a lifetime.”

In an interview, what did Gypsy say about her future kids?

Blanchard said in a December 2023 interview that she’d have to tell her future children about her prison time, calling it a “hard conversation.”

Gypsy Rose Blanchard is expecting her first child with her boyfriend, Ken Urker, and she is now pregnant.

Blanchard claimed, “We’re in love,” when dating Anderson. However, “It’s challenging because I’m getting married, having kids, and having to explain to them why their grandmother on mommy’s side isn’t around. That’ll be a tough conversation.”

She doesn’t worry about hurting her children as her mother Dee Dee did, forcing Blanchard into terrible medical operations she didn’t need.

“Whenever someone says, ‘Do you think that because of what you went through, you’re going to do that to your kids?’ I say, ‘You know what? Absolutely not,’ ” said Blanchard, who has gone through years of self-work and continues to receive therapy. “I have learned what not to do. I have no concerns about my parenting when it comes to that.”

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