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Gyms In Arizona Defying The Orders Of Governor To Close Amid The Surge In COVID-19 Cases


David Mudd

Governer implemented an order to close all the businesses and facilities that need social interaction to run. Besides, reopenings of schools and colleges were also delayed due to the same cause. And the cause is the same coronavirus surge happening this week in the state. However, many of the gyms are defying the orders of the governor now. They say they will remain open. The whole state was all set to reopen on Monday after the lockdown happened due to COVID-19.

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Over 5,200 cases of coronavirus reported in Arizona | Your Valley

The reopening was also canceled and another one-month pause also added to that. The businesses that announced to close include bars, gyms, movie theaters, water parks, etc. After all, many of the gym owners are not at all happy with the new order. They say that targeting gyms was not fair. The owner of a fitness facility claimed that it is very much safe to open gyms with proper social distancing protocols in place. Besides, it is safe like going to a Safeway or Home Depot, he says.

The livelihoods of the employees and the needs of members in the gyms also pointed as the reasons by the gym owners. Moreover, they say that they know the seriousness of the situation. Although, shutting down gyms will not resolve the coronavirus problem in their words.

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