Gwyneth Paltrow Jokes About Using Her Oscar Statuette as a Doorstop: ‘It Works Perfectly!’



You must have watched the famous ‘Vogue’ ’73 Questions’ video on YouTube. These videos are famous because they bring your favorite celebrity on it. Many celebrities including Taylor Swift, Selena Gomez, Kylie Jenner, and many more celebrities. Recently, they interviewed Gwyneth Paltrow, one of the phenomenal actresses of the time and something about the interview caught the attention of the world.

What is it? During the interview, the viewers watched her Oscar statuette as a doorstop. Gwyneth Paltrow was in her garden when the interviewer approached her, all fresh and chill.

When the actress took the interviewer to her home by opening the door, he spotted her Oscar statuette as a doorstop. When asked about it, the actress revealed she uses her trophy — which she won for Best Actress in 1998 for Shakespeare in Love — as a doorstop. Which Catches The attention of everyone.

The video was filmed in the summer and was posted on the Vogue official YouTube channel yesterday. The title of the video reads, “In honor of Goop’s 15th anniversary, we spoke with brand founder Gwyneth Paltrow over the summer while she was at her Hamptons home. As she took us through her glorious garden (right past the Academy Award she uses as a doorstop), Gwyneth answered our questions about her favorite Coldplay tunes, her children Moses and Apple, her water intake, and how often she takes cold plunges.”

Released on Oct 9, 2023, the video has already been viewed by thousands of people.

When Sabia saw the award on the doorstep, he said, “What a beautiful Academy Award,”

To which Gwyneth replies, “My doorstop. It works perfectly!”

Later, Sabia revealed why she had used the Oscar trophy on the doorstep. In the later part of the video, Sabia asked about her iconic red Gucci dress that she wore at the 1996 MTV VMAs.

“It’s in my closet in California,”  Paltrow replied. The Gucci suit was one of the iconic dresses that she re-weared to a 2021 Gucci show and fans get the flashback of it. “So you’re not using it to hold any doors around here?” Sabia jokes, as Paltrow laughs and says, “Not currently.”

Gwyneth Paltrow, 51, won a Best Actress Oscar at the 1998 Oscars Award show..

She has already been a top actress and when Sabia asked her about her favorite role that she has done in her life, she replied, “Oh gosh, I was so lucky. I’ve had so many amazing roles,” she said. Though she didn’t take the name, she uses her favorite dialogue, “Probably from The Royal Tenenbaums when Margot says, ‘You probably don’t even know my middle name,’ ” she revealed.

Paltrow also revealed how she generated the interest in becoming an actress, she said, “Probably watching my mother [Blythe Danner] do plays when I was very little at the Williamstown Theater Festival,” she recalled. Back in May, Paltrow opened up about her Oscar win, revealing that she experienced an “identity crisis” after the career highlight.

“I just wanted to be successful and to be well-regarded. I was on this really fast track and it all happened so quickly,” she said while appearing on the Call Her Daddy podcast. “For somebody like me, who I think I was working through a lot of the harder parts of my growing up through achieving success.”

“Once I won the Oscar, it put me into a little bit of an identity crisis, because if you win the biggest prize, what are you supposed to do?” she continued. “And where are you supposed to go? It was hard, like, the amount of attention that you receive on a night like that and the weeks following is so disorienting and, frankly, really unhealthy.”

While she recognizes the achievement and is grateful for everything, Paltrow said she was overwhelmed by the experience that she has had over the past years and wishes to live the way. “Not that I would give it back or anything, it was an amazing experience, but it kind of called a lot of things into question for me,” she explained.