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Gwen Stefani Calls Husband Blake Shelton Her ‘Favorite Award Ever’: ‘You’re Such a Babe’

Gwen Stefani Calls Husband Blake Shelton Her 'Favorite Award Ever': 'You're Such a Babe'

Gwen Stefani has aspects in her journey and throughout her life. Gwen has already gone through alot in life but her relationship with  Blake Shelton was something that he will never experience in his life. 

Out of all the things that he has accomplished in his life, he is super proud of his relationship with Blake Shelton. 

On Wednesday night,  Gwen was awarded New York Women in Communications’ 52nd Annual Matrix Awards. The event was held in Ziegfeld Ballroom, New York City. Gwen has gone through a lot of things in his life and achieved a lot of achievements in life. After talking, the couple revealed that they experience proud moments in their life. 

Fans were excited to hear about their accomplishments in life.  Stefani, 53, started her speech with all the emotions and did not forget to include her part “Obviously, my favorite award ever, Blake Shelton, for marrying me. Wow, this is surreal — weird Blake talking about me like that. Thank you so much, you’re such a babe, and you’re so awesome,” Stefani, 53, began her speech after giving Shelton a quick peck.

There is no doubt that the singer has outstandingly performed well over time and proven herself over the period, the fans of the singer prove that there is no one other than her.

“I cannot believe that I’m being recognized tonight alongside all these incredible honorees. When I think about it, I say to myself, ‘Why me?’ I mean, honestly, how did this happen to me? How did I get this blessed?” she said. “I didn’t have big dreams – they were little teeny-tiny dreams — and I was very naïve,” she continued, adding that even though she “barely made it out of high school,” it was her older brother and No Doubt member Eric who “saved” her.

Stefani also got candid about her struggles with dyslexia and how it’s impacted her career, saying, “Being dyslexic has had challenges for me in my life and I will say the dyslexic advantage has probably made me who I am. When I wrote my first song, I had no idea I could do that. It just happened — it unlocked something inside me.”

The Grammy winner has revealed how her journey has changed over time. Throughout the period, she has suffered from a lot of health problems but that has not impacted her career. 

Shelton follows the success of her career. She also said that this has introduced her as her “fellow coach, turned friend, turned girlfriend, turned-wife.”

“I am humbled and excited to speak about my wonderful wife and duet partner today, as she is honored for putting women at the forefront and championing women consistently throughout her prolific career,” he continued. “Gwen is not just a wonderful mother, singer, and entrepreneur – she is an icon.”

“It feels exciting to be here in New York with Blake because the last couple of years, we just really don’t go out very much unless we’re just at home or on the set of The Voice. So we went out to dinner last night, had fancy food [and] wine, and were in a hotel room. It feels like a date night weekend for us,” she said. “So a lot of reminiscing.”

Fans seemed to be excited after hearing all these things. The couple has already got a lot of attention from the audience. Fans are hoping that the couple will grow over time and bring more success to you. 

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