The Complete Guide on Creating Engaging Online Events


David Mudd

Role of Virtual Events in Modern World

Conferences, webinars, and meetings are transferred to an online holding. Now, they are called virtual events. And nowadays they have become extremely popular due to the situation that people should stay at home. It is possible to conduct online events with the help of applications such as Zoom and Skype.

Research was conducted that showed that approximately 80% of users join online events for educational goals. This means that people do not desire to simply stay at home due to the pandemic; they intend to keep on getting knowledge.

If you plan to create a virtual event, you should remember to abide by the corresponding etiquette. The most important thing is that participants of your virtual event possess the same experience that they would possess if you conducted a local event.

If you desire to stand out from other event creators, you should make engaging virtual events. In order to assist you, we prepared useful tips that will make your participants stick around your online event until the end.

Grant Available Recordings

It is a widespread practice to share event recordings after the event itself. You can allocate a page on your website with all event replays. Those participants who could not attend your event or missed some of its parts can simply take recordings anytime they desire.

You can share not only recorded videos of your online events. For instance, if you decide to conduct your virtual event via Zoom, the best Zoom transcription service will be in handy for you. You can convert video to text and help your participants use this text for their notes.

Include Subtitles

You never know what participants will join your virtual event. Maybe there are people with hearing issues, or maybe people join your event being in a loud place. There can even be a situation when foreigners desire to attend your event. For such people, you can create subtitles for your online events.

Many applications such as Skype and Zoom offer a speech-to-text function. So that subtitles will appear during your virtual events. While professional human transcribers can convert your recorded events into text, a speech-to-text feature of Zoom and Skype provide automated transcription. This means that the accuracy rate will not be as high as from transcription experts. Nevertheless, creating captions will present you as a good event creator showing that you take into account the needs of every participant.

Duration of Virtual Event Should Be Shorter

It is more complicated to hold the attention of participants when they join virtual events. They can easily be distracted by various factors. That’s why in comparison to in-person events, online events should be shorter.

In order to keep your audience engaged in your event, it is recommended to make your event of a maximum of 4 hours duration. This will assist to hold your participants concentrated on your content.

Offer Low Ticket Offers

Virtual events are more beneficial for you as an event creator because there is no necessity to have definite expenses. For instance, if you hold in-person events, you should pay for renting a place for these events at least. But speaking about online events, you can conduct them while staying at home.

Thus, you can even offer free virtual charge events for your participants. If you desire to show the value of your online event, you can set a lower price than if you would conduct an in-person event.

Unite your Participants

Creating a community of participants is an integral part of any online event. By doing this, you will provide the possibility to your participants to get to know each other. They can communicate with each other before and after your virtual events. Simply speaking, you provide a common online space to your community. This can lead to attracting loyal participants.

You can likewise create surveys in this community before conducting virtual events. This will assist you in understanding what your participants expect to gain from your planned online event. Thus, you can come up with more interesting content beforehand.

Provide Physical Packages

It is more difficult to get your participants to show up at your virtual events. If you create in-person events, your participants would probably book airfare, accommodation, transportation, etc. But they can join online events staying at home and without any expenses. Motivation to attend your virtual event can drop here.

It only seems that it is easier to attract participants to online events. But in reality, such participants can face various distractions. You can send reminders via email or phone. You can likewise remind them about your upcoming virtual event on social media. But sometimes, it is still not enough.

This is where sending physical gifts can assist you. This will get participants excited. The practice shows that it works more effectively than any email message or reminder. When participants see your gift box, the desire to attend your virtual event will increase twice.

Connect with your Participants

You should take into account the experience of your participants. Except for interesting content, you can hire the most suitable host for your virtual event. If you desire to conduct your events by yourself, you can add some activities in order to make these events enjoyable. A simple quiz can assist in making your online event more engaging for your participants.

Time for a Conclusion

Nobody says that conducting virtual events is easier than in-person events. You should likewise think of effective tactics to hold the attention of your participants and attract more potential attendees.

Just utilize our tips for making engaging virtual events. Your participants will stay for sure satisfied with your interesting and well-strategic presentation of content.