Gucci’s First Bag Made of Material That Doesn’t Come From Animals is Being Promoted by Billie Eilish



Animal rights groups have praised Billie Eilish for her effort to live a vegan life. It’s been talked about in her songs, in interviews, and even in her fashion relationships. She often works with the same company, so it was only natural for her to lead the promotion for their newest animal-free product.

Gucci stated on Monday that its newest Horsebit 1955 bag would be coming out soon. It may look like previous versions with its logo and signature hardware, but it’s made of Demetra, a material that the brand created over two years that doesn’t come from animals. Billie Eilish Poses With Monsters & Ghouls at Halloween Horror Nights After Tattoo Reveal

It’s made of a bio-based polyurethane made of non-GMO wheat and corn, plant-based viscose, and wood pulp, according to a press release. It said that switching the material for leather was part of the high-end brand’s plan to make fashion more circular and environmentally friendly.

Kendall, the parent company of Gucci, promised to stop using fur in its fashion shops in 2021, but they still do. check Who is Billie Eilish Dating.


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To celebrate the style, the brand asked Eilish, who it has dressed for many years, to pose for Tyrell Hampton while wearing the new Horsebit 1955, which comes in black and with a nameplate.