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Grimoire of Zero Season 2- Story of Witches

“The First Time I Called Myself A ‘Witch’ was the Most Magical Moment of My Life”

From the childhood days, we are listening stories of Witch from our elders (especially from grandfather or grandmother). Even narrating a story to a child in the childhood days becomes a tradition.


A Witch is a woman having magical powers especially evil ones. They are popularly known by their dressing as they usually wear a black cloak and a pointed hat. Moreover, they fly on the broomstick.

Do you love novel series related to Witches? If yes, then mention the name of your favorite series in the comment box…….

Let’s come to the point, novel anime shows are based on the feeling of war and Grimoire of Zero Season 2 is one of them. So, I think you like this show a lot (by heart). Here, is everything to know about Grimoire of Zero Season 2 like what happens in it, the casting characters, the premiere date, the trailer and more…….

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Grimoire of Zero Season 2

Grimoire of Zero Season 2 is one of the most loved anime shows. As the 1st season ends, fans were very disappointed. But now, all the fans (including me) are very desperate to know/ hear about the renewal of the 2nd Season of Grimoire of Zero.


What is Grimoire of Zero Season 2?

Grimoire of Zero Season 2 is nothing else but a Japanese light novel series.

It is written by Kakeru Kobashiri and illustrated by Yoshinori Shizuma. The adaptation was done by White Fox Studio.

Will the 2nd Season of Grimoire of Zero happen?

Right now, we cannot confirm anything about Grimoire of Zero Season 2 as no official announcement has been made regarding this. But, we can surely look over the possibilities that signify the birth of the 2nd Season.

In the original light novel series, there are 11 volumes which are still going on. Moreover, there are 6 more volumes of the manga series. So, content and material is enough for the production of Grimoire of Zero Season 2.

As per the MyAnimeList, the anime got IMDb rating of 7.0 out of 10 from 87,289 votes. This is quite enough to renew the 2nd Season of Grimoire of Zero.

The Plotline of Grimoire of Zero Season 2

What is it about?

The story of Grimoire of Zero Season 2 revolves around how witches start a war against the magic that exists just to assist people of the world.

As we know in the ancient time period, one powerful witch caused a plague and destroyed everything good present in the world. Many of the people died just because of that powerful and rude witch.


On the other hand, it is also believed that ‘Beastfallen’ are the best witch hunters. They are not ordinary like others. Their body possesses two natures i.e. half- man and half- beast. Just due to this quality, they are the best creatures. Also, their strength, power and abilities are higher than any human beings.

But, these ‘Beastfallen’ are hunted by witches. This happened because their heads have a good value in the witch market. One day, a beastfallen spots a witch known as Zero. Zero promised him to fulfill all his dreams like to become human.

To fulfill the dream, they both need to find a powerful Grimoire because if gone in the wrong hands then it would be extremely dangerous for them.

Finally, in simple words the story is about both of them (Beastfallen and Zero). They both face various adventures and hard times when they are on the mission to find the special magical spellbook.

Are fans really excited to see the 2nd Season of Grimoire of Zero?

Are you excited? I am very eager to enjoy the Grimoire of Zero Season 2. The main reason behind my eagerness is that the story of Grimoire of Zero Season 2 reminds my childhood days to me. That gives me immense feeling of joy and happiness.

More demands of the fans are:

Cast/ Characters of Grimoire of Zero Season 2

  • Jason Douglas as Mercenary
  • Amanda Lee as Zero
  • Chelsea McCurdy as Albus
  • Ian Sinclair as Thirteen
  • David Wald as Holdem
  • Melissa Pritchett as Sorena
  • Jay Hickman as Narrator

Above mentioned are the casting characters that made this season fabulous for all of us.


Grimoire of Zero Season 2: Trailer

The official trailer of the 2nd Season of Grimoire of Zero is not out yet. But if you haven’t seen the previous season then you can watch here:

By the help of this video you will get to know what will happen in the 2nd installment.

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Final Words

Grimoire of Zero Season 2 is one of the best Japanese light novel series which is completely based on the story of witches who faced so many adventures and rough times to fulfill their dream of becoming a human being.

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