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Grey Jet Charter: How to Avoid Them?

The airline industry is perhaps the most regulated industry in the world. Be it commercial airlines or private jets, the regulations across both these channels of travel are strict. The policies and procedures bound by the law are put in place for the safety of crew and passengers. However, the existence of loopholes is inevitable. Grey jet charters are causing major issues in the airline industry and we are here to inform you all about it.

What is a grey jet charter?

Grey jet charter refers to an unlicensed flight charter operation that does not abide by any of the regulations. While illegal flights have been around for a really long time, grey jet charter have been on the rise lately.

Based on several reports, private jet operators fly in and out of Europe participating in what is known as grey jet charter. With the rapid spread of this practice worldwide, our intent was to help people understand the consequences of flying on a grey jet charter and how to avoid them.

Why would someone want to opt for a grey jet charter?

Traveling in secrecy and avoiding immigration procedures are two of the most prominent reasons why people prefer grey jet charter. Additionally, these illegal flying operations offer charter services at attractive prices without any conditions.

An individual looking to travel overseas, and obtain all the above mentioned aspects, would prefer to choose a grey jet charter. Flying illegally, under no regulations will certainly put a passenger in harm’s way. There are numerous risks associated with grey jet charter that we discuss further.

Risks of flying on a grey jet charter

The concept of integrating regulations into an industry is to maintain the safety and stability of people involved. Perhaps, that whole idea is decimated when you opt for a grey jet charter service. Flying on an illegal aircraft operation is subject to a large number of risks of which we have mentioned a few below.

  • No-safety protocols are followed as compared to regulated flights
  • Uncertainty of where you flight is destined for, can be rerouted anytime
  • Passengers who travel on grey jet charter can be scrutinized by legal authorities
  • There is no inclusion of insurance while flying on a grey jet charter
  • Most grey charter jets are not maintained
  • Grey jet charter flights are not technically inspected

Mentioned above are just some of the many drawbacks and risks involved in flying on a private jet charter flight. Putting the low costs of travel or the lack of immigration procedures while flying on a grey jet charter flight over your own safety is ridiculous.

How to avoid a grey jet charter flight

The fact that grey jet charter services are thriving in some regions is due to their camouflage nature. It is quite challenging to distinguish between regulated jets and grey jet charters.

Especially for first time flyers or non-frequent travelers. However, there are some specific telltale signs that help you identify a grey jet charter.

  • The first and foremost thing that you must observe is the pricing. Private jet charters are relatively expensive. Therefore, most grey jet charter flights are offered at low prices. This should be your first sign.
  • Based on your doubts you can always ask your questions to aircraft staff. Private jet charter companies that are reputed and abide by the law, maintain a high-level of transparency. But here’s where your part comes in. When you ask questions to grey jet charter operators, they are secretive in nature and will refrain from answering your queries.

Aircraft license and its importance

Air Operator Certificate or AOC as it is known is a license that a commercial airline or private jet operator must obtain in order to provide air transport services. Operators who do not have this certification or the ones who fail to provide this certification, are not permitted to provide air charter services. All grey jet charter flights operate without an AOC license which is why they are considered as illegal operations.

Grey jet charter flights: Disrupting the aviation industry

It is nearly impossible to monitor all of what is happening outside the aviation industry in terms of operating illegal flights in and out of a country. However, as responsible travelers, we can ensure to stay away from such illicit activities, and fly on a proper private jet charter flight.

Based on all the pointers we have mentioned above, we hope you understand the adverse impact grey jet charter flights have had on the aviation industry and ways to avoid such scenarios. If you are doubtful about an aircraft operator offering business jets make sure to check their authenticity by enquiring and obtaining documents related to the company.

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