Is Gregg Pettigrew Gay: He Was a ‘Neurotic Liar’!


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Gregg Pettigrew – a Getroud Met Rugby actor who likewise featured in Come Feast Me South Africa – stood out as truly newsworthy over claims he cold-bloodily killed his lover this week.

As indicated by reports, the veteran actor then, at that point, endeavored to end his own life.

However, the stunning homegrown debate is just a glimpse of something larger for the star who was erroneously credited as a 7de Laan actor.

Unbeknown to people in general, Gregg has a criminal history, including being a sentenced fraudster.

He and his husband, John Pettigrew, were the likewise first gay couple to get married in jail.

The couple – named ‘Bonnie and Clyde’ – were likewise purportedly discovered engaging in s**ual relations while detained in a similar cell.

Gregg Pettigrew’s Criminal Past!

Here is a gander at Gregg Pettigrew’s grieved past …

Extortion, capture, and going on the run!

As per the Sunday Times, Greg Pettigrew (nee Wiggill) and his husband, John, were captured on extortion charges in 2013.

The couple – nicknamed ‘”‘Bonnie and Clyde'”‘ by the media – were accused of misleading a few individuals from the LGBTQ people group in Johannesburg somewhere in the range of 2008 and 2009.Mamba Web-based claims Gregg – named the “Melville fraudster” – and John were captured, yet went on the pursue they were released on bail.

Subsequent to being rearrested and attempted, Gregg was given a suspended sentence while John was vindicated.

Gregg Pettigrew Gay

John – an Australian resident – was requested to invest energy at Lindela’s bringing home place for outstaying his visa. First gay couple to marry in prison

While detained, John and Gregg Pettigrew turned out to be South Africa’s most memorable gay couple to marry in jail.

In any case, their mission to stroll down the passageway was an untidy one.

As John was an unlawful migrant, the Branch of Home Undertakings at first denied the pair the option to marry.

The couple then, at that point, took the make a difference to the Johannesburg High Court, which governed in support of themselves. The wedding happened in February 2014 while John was at the bringing home focus.

As indicated by Sunday Times, Gregg dropped his family name “Wiggill,” taking on his husband’s one of “Pettigrew” all things being equal.

S*x in a Correctional Facility!

While remanded in custody at a detainment community in East London in 2013, John and Gregg Pettigrew (then, at that point, Wiggill) were purportedly discovered having s*x. This, while they had been set in a similar cell.

The middle then isolated the couple, who accused the jail head of “segregation” in view of their homos*xuality, reports IOL.

John told the distribution at that point: “In shared cells, you have the issue of gangsterism and medications.

“They are so stressed over Greg and I disrupting the guidelines, yet they let gangsterism and debasement continue.”

Gregg Pettigrew Gay

Drag Adjust Inner Self!

Following John Gregg Pettigrew’s brush with the law, the couple was enlivened to make the last option’s drag adjust inner self, Falicity Firecracker.

Following his release from the bringing home focus in 2014, John and Gregg went on a visit, playing out their hot supper club show in penitentiaries and unassuming communities across the Karoo.

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In 2020, Gregg played out another Falicity Firecracker show, this time in Johannesburg. It’s indistinct in the event that John was a piece of the demonstration.

Gregg Pettigrew Spouse: Is Sa Actor Married?

Gregg Pettigrew is an ongoing media sensation, and he is many times examined concerning his significant other and in the event that the actor was at any point married.

Thus, according to the subtleties accessible on the internet based sources, he was married to John. Gregg and John were the principal gay couple to get married in the slammer. Similalry, the couple was additionally captured on misrepresentation charges in 2013. The media have likewise labeled them as “Bonnie and Clyde.

According to the sources, Gregg and John got married in February 2014 while, however their wedding was chaotic. Gregg’s accomplice was an unlawful migrant, and at first, they weren’t permitted to get married.

Where Could Gregg Pettigrew Currently Be?

On Thursday 2023, April 13, Gregg Pettigrew killed his kid accomplice in Kempton Park, and subsequent to killing his lover, he endeavored self destruction. The specialists and the police showed up at the crime location and affirmed the occurrence, and checked the shooting. Likewise, the actor was additionally taken to the medical clinic under close watch.

Gregg Pettigrew Gay

According to the sources, on 17 April, Gregg will show up in the Kempton Park Justice’s Court, where he will have to deal with the penalties of homicide.

Thus, he is by all accounts in emergency clinic as the specific data on his ongoing location isn’t accessible at this point.

Indeed, Gregg Pettigrew Is Gay: Meet His Accomplice!

Gregg Pettigrew is a contemporary media big name, and he is oftentimes found out if the Actor has at any point been married.

Subsequently, as per the source, he was married to John. Gregg and John turned into the main gay couple to marry in jail. In 2013, the pair was likewise kept on extortion charges.

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They’ve likewise been named “Bonnie and Clyde” by the media. As per insiders, Gregg and John married in February 2014, however their wedding was disastrous. Gregg’s accomplice was an unlawful worker, and they were first banned from marrying.

The couple later carried their case to the Johannesburg High Court. The pair has additionally been accused of swindling different individuals from the gathering.

Was Gregg Pettigrew Captured for Killing His Accomplice John? 7de Laan Actor Charges!

Gregg Pettigrew killed his 29-year-old lover at Kempton Park on Thursday, April 13, 2023, and afterward endeavored self destruction.

As indicated by Model Truth, on April 13, 2023, South African Actor Gregg Pettigrew was captured and accused of the demise of his kid accomplice.

The occasion happened at Pettigrew’s home in Kempton Park, Gauteng, and the departed was found dead in bed holding a handgun. Pettigrew was captured and accused of homicide at the scene.

At the point when the investigators and Police showed up at the wrongdoing site, they affirmed the event and the shooting. Also, the Actor was shipped to the medical clinic under severe perception.

As per reports, Gregg will show up in the Kempton Park Judge’s Court on April 17 to confront murder claims.

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The particulars of the occasion have not been disclosed, yet Pettigrew is by and by having to deal with murder penalties regarding his accomplice John’s passing. As of now, it is obscure in the event that Pettigrew has documented a request or connected with lawful direction.


“As you age, you realize that the setting doesn’t make any difference – it’s whom you are with that matters,” said Pettigrew not long after Friday’s unexpected service in Lindela Bringing home Center, west of Johannesburg, where he has been confined since October last year.

“A couple of the folks came to see me today to hope everything works out for me. Also, the women from the shop said they needed to join in,” Pettigrew said.

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