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Green Knight: Release Date | Storyline | Cast


David Mudd

David Lowery is here to take you on an overwhelming journey into a world of imagination. Just when we thought that the days of fantasy adventure are over, we have in front of us the beautiful story of Sir Gawain and The Green Knight in a movie called GREEN KNIGHT.

The all-powerful stress and various worries have been keeping us down for more than a year now, an escape to the world of historical fantasy can be just the thing we need. Movies like this are always a visual delight. The dark green forest, Huge mansion with the prominent interplay of light and darkness, a challenging quest, and a talking fox.

Read on to catch up with various facts relating to this upcoming venture that will instantly take you to the adventures of the middle ages.

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Adaptation of Green Knight

The movie is inspired by a famous middle-aged poem by Sir Gawain and the Green Knight. The author of this work is still unknown. Back in middle age, every work used to have a deep religious reading. This was no exception. The poem explores the idea of various sins and virtues which creates a sense of conflict in the human heart.

The movie is inspired by a famous middle-aged poem by Sir Gawain and the Green Knight. There is only one surviving copy of the book and author of this medieval mythic morality poem that remains anonymous till now. The author is simply called the Gawen poet.


The poem was written sometime around the 14th century. It is one of the most famous poems of the Middle ages. 

For the era  it was composed in, the poem indeed is an excellent example of Arthurian legends as well as an insightful study of human nature. The poem illustrates the idea that one can never be truly honourable and virtuous without having experienced the allure of sin. 

This is exactly where the movie comes in. It tells us a crucial point — no one can just be born a knight ; one must learn the most important part of knighthood — honour.

Sir Gawen too must realise ” Honour. It’s why a knight does what he does.”

Choosing the poem as the main source material for the movie is really a great idea. The poem is not about a being knight but rather how one must become a true human being first by being honest towards as well as to himself. Even in that age, where religion and subjective judgement of morality dominated literature, this work marks a distinction. It is modern and neutral,being free from religious preaching and judgement. Rather it underscores the character of a man, who is susceptible to the moral ambivalence. He is not at free from what makes us human — our faults. 

Plot of The Green Knight: 

Green Knight’s challenge

Strange is entry of the Green Knight. He simply enters the exclusive court of King Arthur where he is sitting at the famous round table along with his  knights.Therein comes the Green Knight. He brings a challenge too.He challenges the knight to beheading game. The rule is first the Green knight will accept the blow and if he survives the blow,the Arthurian Knight will have to seek him out after one year hence and must accept the blow from the Green Knight at his Green Chapel.

Sir Gawen is King Arthur’s nephew. He is young,headstrong and arrogant.He is the one to step forward for the Green’ Knight’s challenge and strikes off his head.To everyone’s horror,the Green Knight holds his severed head and puts it back. After this spine–chilling scene, Sir Gawain is reminded that he has one year left.

Sir Gawain’s journey begins

When the year comes to end, Sir Gawain must seek out the Knight. But it not as easy and if it were, perhaps it would not have been a Knight’s Tale.

This is how Gawain’s journey starts. He rides across the rugged West hills,through serpentine mountaneos paths. Still Miles after miles lay before him before he could reach the Green Knight. He encounter many a strange things on his way. Supernatural occurances makes him question everything he has known till now. He realises how truly little he knows of this world.

This is not just a of a man on horseback. This is his journey to towards bravery and integrity and honour. He must face his demons and learn to rise above then. Only then will he become a true Knight.It is a journey to self-discovery as well as the ethics of a knight.Above all he must maintain his honour throughout the quest and must prove himself as worthy of being a Knight in the first place.

We are left in suspense wondering if he will ever meet the Green Knight. Or will he receive a cruel death beforehand and remain the defeated courtier with no tale to tell?How terrifying will this quest actually get? Who was the Green Knight after all?

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Challenges of creating a history movie The Director’s challenge 

a still from the green knight
Starring Dev Patel from a scene of the Green Knight

Creating a period drama is pretty difficult for many reasons. From creating an appropriate set to choosing costume design to drafting the dialogues everything demands a certain anachronistic accuracy. It is also nearly impossible to make a vast venture, considering the setting alone will cost millions of dollars. So Lowery looked up to some of Great old movies from the 1980s. Movies like Willow, Henry v, Andrei Rublev, and the Russian version of War and Peace came to rescue the venture.

David Lowery has mentioned that the movie doesn’t portray typical middle-aged history but only aims to tell a tale of an epic adventure of Sir Gawain who undertook a life-changing quest to prove his value to King Arthur as well himself.

Old Inspiration

The production house A24 has for the first time launched a movie of historical tale and fantasy. 

But this Arthurian lore-based movie is not without predecessors. Actors Murray Head and Nigel Green gave their takes on the medieval characters in 1973’s “Gawain and the Green Knight,” while 1984’s “Sword of the Valiant: The Legend of Sir Gawain and the Green Knight” starred Sean Connery as the knight with Miles O’Keefe as Sir Gawain. Both films were directed by Stephen Weeks.

“We wanted a film that felt as epic as Lord of the Rings but was unique in the way the story was told”, said David Lowery. Even though Lowery has admittedly used some of the old movies for references to try to understand the age, his movie will be mainly focusing on the Green Knight and his journey to self–discovery. The physical journey and the strange experience will ultimately make him see who he is and who he can become.

Why make an Arthurian legend?

a glimpse from the trailer of green knight
Horror and fairytale meet each other in the trailer of Green Knight

One of the many questions that we wonder is why choose this genre especially now when most productions are choosing to make sci-fi? 

The answer is simple. Arthurian tales are always of a Knight. The qualities of honour, honesty, chivalry, humility and bravery are very pillars of knighthood. But, these virtues are becoming almost invisible and irrelevant these days. This venture is something we need. It will be a strong reminder of what we used to be and how low we have stooped.

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The Trailer of Green Knight

The trailer released by A24 is inexplicably awesome. The darkness and mysterious air can be felt. It’s not just another typical knight kills monster kind of movie. Rather, it brings out something much more intense. It brings out the darkness within and the outside world becomes merely an instrument in the process.

Dev Patel as the Green Knight

featuring dev patel from green knight
Showcasing the extremely talented Dev Patel as the Green Knight

The choice of casting Dev Patel as the protagonist is a pretty bold move, as agreed by many film enthusiasts. Even though Dev’s skills as an actor are amazing and have been proved so multiple times, the typical Hollywood trend is to cast tall white males in the leads. Dev Patel being cast in leads once again reminds how important it is to break the typecast. In a world where racism abounds, and non–whites are always seen as side characters, this decision does make a difference.

Ralph Ineson as the Green Knight

Ralph Ineson,who is famous for his role in The Witch, will play the role of the Green Knight, to which the movie refers to. He is renowned for his voice over too. His deep, rumbling voice can give chills to any listener. It makes it all the more suitable for his character. He said the following regarding his involvement in the Lowrey movie —

“I loved the character as soon as I read the script – he’s got such devilment but also warmth about him. I think you get such an atmosphere from the trailer of exactly what it’s gonna be about. It’s dark and it’s weird, but it’s funny as well. I think David Lowery is a witty director and he’s got a beautiful eye“.


The fascinating plot of the movie involves The Green Knight, Sir Gawain, as the characters of foremost interest. Apart from them there are King Arthur, Queen Guinevere, Gawain’s mother Morgan la Faye who is practitioner of Magic and Merlin who a wise man,bard and King Arthur’s chief advisor.

The Support Cast

Apart from Dev Patel, the movie has Alicia Vikander, Sean Harris, Sarita Chowdhury, Erin kelly man, and Barry Keoghan. The choice of this ensemble of the cast has played greatly to the director’s favor. One look at the official trailer and we know that all these actors have brilliantly transformed themselves into the very characters they were playing.

Release Date of Green Knight

The movie will be released on 30th July.

Availability of Green Knight

The movie will see an exclusive theatre release.


After a very long time, a movie on Arthurian legends will be on Big screens and that is more than enough. The last time the audience was this excited was when Charlie Hunnam played King Arthur in the Guy Ritchie movie. Like all Guy Ritchie movies, this one too was pretty cool to watch.

Hopefully, the upcoming David Lowery movie too will prove its worth as a true successor of its previous ventures.