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Great Pottery Throwdown Season 5: Officially Renewed?

Now most of the platforms are moving towards picking up reality shows as they are unplanned and unscripted like other fictional dramas. Great Pottery Throw down is one of them which gives satisfaction when watched and also helps many of the amateur contestants to grow their skills in it.

Pottery making is common in India but it is great when these skills are performed on a great platform to show their talent and art to the whole audience and fans. Do you also feel chill and calm when you watch this show or when you see this type of thing in your surroundings?

When I was a little kid then I also thought it is an easy task to mould things into any form but when seen in real life then I feel that it is not that easy one and patience and hard work is required to make pots, dishes and other beautiful things out of this clay soil.

The perfection in any work can’t come from just doing it one time, everyone has to perform the task so many times and practice it alot to make themselves perfect in one field or task.

Great Pottery Throwdown Season 5

These potters became professionals not from birth but they have improved their skills so many times and practiced a lot which makes these potters a skilled person or you can call them professional in making pots and other art things.

Besides their art shown by them, the series also entertained the audience and made them curious to find its new season. Now all are looking for its new season 5 as previous 4 seasons are so much loved by the fans of the Great Pottery Throw Down.

Before moving further to know its renewal status and its release date, I should like to share a little bit about this reality show.

Great Pottery Throw Down is a great show in which contestants come and give their best and improve their skills in making things. The show is different from cooked dramas as real talent is seen when tasks are given to them which helps the show to gain popularity and make people’s interest in the show.

Reality shows are in trend and every platform is picking these types of shows from cooking to dancing, unplanned comedy to decorating with flowers which is loved by the fans to watch these types of shows as these types of series or reality shows are loved by them with their heart.

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Is Great Pottery Throw Down New Season 5 Renewed?

Great Pottery Throwdown Season 5

The previous season of Great Pottery Throw Down ended on March 14, 2021 with its final episodes and to declare the winner of the show is a hell like decision to choose one for the fourth season winner or the champ.

Now you have the season 4 winner who is  Jodie. And with the ending of the series, now fans are waiting to see another chapter of Great Pottery Throw Down to see other contestants and their art.

At this time the season is not announced or renewed officially by the network or the team members but it doesn’t mean that the series is cancelled.

There are a lot of expectations from the fifth season and it will definitely come as registration forms to the new season are started to fill on the official website. It means there is a lot to see and indirect confirmation that the new season will arrive soon.

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When will Great Pottery Throw Down Season 5 Come?

Great Pottery Throwdown Season 5

I know all are looking for the release date of Great Pottery Throw Down Season 5 but sorry there is no official release date for the new season 5 as the show is not renewed for season 5. But if the registration form completes in time then we will expect to watch the series’ new installment in 2022 but after summer.

Before this there are so many rumours on the internet that Great Pottery Throw Down will not come for the new season due to restriction in every country as Coronavirus is again increasing and gathering of more than 5 persons are not allowed but when the official site started and opened the registration form for the new season which gives good vibes to the fans that new season is on its way.

Great Pottery Throw Down Season 5: Trailer

There is no trailer for the Great Pottery Throw Down Season 5 but you can watch and enjoy its previous season 4 trailer which is embedded below-

Great Pottery Throw Down Show Watch

You can stream this reality show on HBO Max and on Amazon Prime Video.

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