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Gravity Falls: When Is The Third Season Coming? Plot, Updates And More!

gravity falls

Gravity Falls is an American adventure comedy anime series. The series is created for Disney Channel and Disney XD. And is created by Alex Hirsch. It follows the life of Dipper Pines and his sister. They were sent to their great-uncle to spend the summer in Gravity Falls. The kids help their uncle Stan to run the Mystery Shack and investigate the local mysteries.

The creator decided to stop the series with season 2 when it was running successfully. It was not agreeable for fans and they revolted. Then Hirsch promised them that he will add a suitable ending for the series. After all, he did that and the last episode “Weirmageddon 3” completed the story.


Can We Expect Season 3 For Gravity Falls?

Even though Alex Hirsch was not ready at the moment, he loved to see his beloved characters on the screen again. His statements fueled hopes on the Internet about a season 3 for the series. Besides, in his words, these characters deserve a come back in the future. He told about a future establishment for his characters through any kind of form.

At last, he created a graphic novel called “Gravity Falls: Lost Legends”. There is still hope that Alex will change his mind. If it happens, we can expect a season 3 or a special. He mentioned season 3 in many of his tweets in the Twitter account.

Its been 4 years after the season 2 release. However, a chance for season 3 is still pretty low. But fans are still hopeful about it.


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