Grantchester Season 6: Release Date and Recap and About Season 7!


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Grantchester’s difficult season came to a close on November 21. The sixth season of the PBS mystery drama concluded with an episode in which Geordie (Robson Green) wrestled with his inner demons while Will (Tom Brittney) pondered his future in the church. As well as this, a much-liked character returned to the vicarage, though his future remains unknown.

Geordie Confronts His Issues in the Season 6 Finale

Throughout the season, Grantchester has avoided discussing what happened to Geordie while he was imprisoned in a Burmese prison camp. Finally, we got some answers in the season finale, with the details released as part of the show’s investigation into the week’s murder being revealed.

Rita Daltry (Michelle Greenidge) and her husband/manager Gene Daltry (Geordie and Will) are investigating an alleged incidence of domestic abuse between Rita and her husband, Gene Daltry (Geordie and Will) (Tristan Gemmill). Soon after, Rita’s attorney becomes involved, and it just so happens that he is Johnny (Shaun Richards), a fellow POW with Geordie.

Geordie, against his better judgement, decides to provide Johnny with information that will assist him in disabling the alarm that he believes is preventing Rita from escaping. However, after Gene is discovered dead, Geordie realises that he has gotten himself into a situation that he did not intend. Furthermore, his history with Johnny makes getting out of this situation even more difficult.

Will learns from the detective that he and Johnny were the last two men left alive in the prison camp when the detective confesses to him. In the face of impending death, Geordie begged that their captors would shoot Johnny rather than him. Despite the fact that both men were able to survive, Geordie has struggled with remorse ever since.

Grantchester Season 6

After realising that Johnny played a role in covering up Gene’s death at the hands of Rita, his remorse grows even more intense for him. Then there’s the terrible scene where he has to re-arrest his friend and put him back in jail.

The police inspector has begun to come to grips with his wartime memories, but not before he has caused irreparable harm to his marriage to Cathy, whom he has known since they were children (Kacey Ainsworth). She informs Will that she was frightened he was going to attack her during their latest argument. At the conclusion of the episode, she informs her husband that they must spend some time apart. He’s upset and pledges to get her back, with or without Will’s assistance, if necessary.

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Disputes Between the Bishop and Will

In the season finale, Will is facing his own struggles. A gathering with other religious leaders is scheduled for him to deliver an impassioned statement criticising outmoded Old Testament morals. A snub is given to this scheme by the bishop (Stuart Bowman). Isidore informs Will of his impending visit to the church and urges him to be on his best behaviour until he gets there. For the avoidance of doubt, there will be no “half-naked girls strutting around.”

Grantchester Season 6

Will knows with that line that the newly arrived vicar Henry Jones (Ahmed Elhaj) has been bringing tales to the bishop to share with him. To be fair to his curate, he’s displeased with him. Will’s privilege, however, is checked by Henry, who reminds him that while Will “had the luxury of bending the rules,” he has always been held to a higher standard.

Will is away on official police business at the conclusion of the episode when the bishop arrives for his visit. The bishop views it as yet another instance of failure to do one’s responsibilities and showing disrespect. After that, however, Henry defends Will and retracts his charges that he has not been performing his duties properly. In reality, he continues, “what I thought was a distraction from work turned out to be the fight against injustice.” With that, it appears as though Will will be able to preach for another day.

Leonard Came out From Prison

Finally, in the finale, we were treated to a significant — and welcome — development in Leonard’s (Al Weaver) storey. The now-ex-curate had spent the past couple of episodes in prison after being sentenced to six months in prison on a gross indecency charge in the previous season. However, after assisting in the investigation of the corrupt prison chaplain in episode 7, he is granted clemency and is surprisingly released.

Because having a reunion with Daniel (Oliver Dimsdale) in plain sight of the prison would result in him being sent back to prison, Mr. Chapman (Nick Brimble) picks Leonard up after he’s been released free by the authorities.

Grantchester Season 6

Daniel, on the other hand, is hiding in the backseat of Jack’s car, and the two are reunited joyously. Their immediate future, on the other hand, is in doubt. Leonard has been fired from his work and has been evicted from his house. And while he wishes to be with Daniel, the fact that homosexuality is illegal in the United States means that living together puts them in grave danger.

Grantchester Season 7 About?

Grantchester At the conclusion of Season 6, Leonard’s future was uncertain, the status of Geordie’s marriage was still up in the air, and Will’s relationship with the church was still up in the air. All of those topics will most likely be explored in greater depth during the show’s forthcoming season seven. It has been reported by TVInsider that filming for these episodes has already concluded, albeit a release date has not yet been confirmed. However, it seems likely that they will be broadcast on PBS sometime in 2022 in the United States.

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