What Happened In Grand Designs Australia Season 11? Where To Watch The Series?


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We have all the info about Grand Designs Australia Season 11 release date and much more. Grand Designs Australia is an Australian television show that airs on The LifeStyle Channel. The program is based on the British show of the same name. It is hosted by Peter Maddison as he documents the building process of unique and extravagant houses.

Release Date Of Grand Designs Australia Season 11

Season 11 of Grand Designs Australia premiered on Foxtel on Wednesdays at 8:30 p.m. on January 25. This season promised to be one to remember. It is part of a breakthrough series.

Premise Of Grand Designs Australia Series

Grand Designs Australia, is a show that celebrates the remarkable work of daring and passionate architects. It follows their journey in creating extraordinary designs. They utilize innovative materials and find inspired solutions in some of the most challenging environments in the world. The show spans various locations in Australia, from Victoria to New South Wales to South Australia.

It showcases designs ranging from shipping containers to modernist homes made entirely of concrete. This season will take viewers on a journey of surprise, discovery, and a little nervousness with its passionate and daring designers.

What Happened In Grand Designs Australia Season 11?

Season 11 of Grand Designs Australia was aired between January 25 2023 to March 15, 2023. We can take you to a recap of what happened between these episodes.  It featured a variety of distinctive and pioneering architectural styles of homes built by multiple couples across Australia. Bel and John built a subterranean house in Whittlesea, Victoria, on a 25-acre plot of land. It was built with a scenic view of the valley.

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Fiona and Sal faced the difficult task of deciding on the location and design of their new home in Torquay, Victoria. Anita and Kris fulfilled their dream of having the Newton Hat Factory for their home in Newtown, New South Wales.

Grand Designs Australia Season 11 Release Date

Dr. Shiva Gunapu and Rima’s home in Norwood, South Australia, featured vibrant Indian colors. Mick, an electrician,  along with his artist wife Belynda built their dream modernist home in New South Wales’s tranquil Dooralong Valley. Finally, in Coober Pedy South Australia, Paul built an underground mansion for his retired parents. Each episode documented the challenges and successes of these large-scale construction projects.

Where To Watch Grand Designs Australia Season 11

Grand Designs Australia has completed 11 seasons as of now. All previous seasons with the most recent one in 2021, are available for on-demand streaming on Foxtel and Foxtel Now. The show has featured homeowners.

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Homeowners who have realized their dream homes, with a variety of unique designs ranging from contemporary and traditional homes. they want designers to incorporate artistic and playful elements such as a trapeze net and garden sculptures made of paper planes.

Review And Rating Of Grand Designs Australia Season 11

Grand Designs Australia has a 7.3 out of 10 IMDB rating, This shows the show’s popularity and quality. The series’ innovative and insightful approach to architecture and design makes it fascinating to watch. It documents how these homes are planned and built. The emphasis is basically on the construction of expensive homes. It can make it difficult for ordinary people to relate to the show.

Grand Designs Australia Season 11 Release Date

The title “Grand Designs” imply that the structures are expensive. This can be frustrating for viewers who cannot afford what is shown. The show has a tendency to praise every structure as a masterpiece, Sometimes some designs are not at all impressive. It is seen as a flaw in the program.


If you enjoy architecture, design, and home construction, Grand Designs Australia is a must-see. It offers an unusual perspective on home construction. It’s fascinating to see the difficulties that homeowners face. The show’s stunning visuals and captivating storylines add to the enjoyment. This season will be the last season for the series. The last season made many architects famous.

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