Grace Slick Net Worth: What Is The Net Worth Of Grace Slick?


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Grace Slick Net Worth

She’s a 20-million-dollar American musician and singer-songwriter, Grace Slick. She is best known for the psychedelic rock singles “White Rabbit” and “Somebody to Love” from the 1960s psychedelic rock scene. She was a member of Jefferson Airplane and the offshoot organisations, Jefferson Starship and Starship, which formed some of the founding members.

Grace Slick Early Life

Grace Barnett Wing, who would later become Grace Slick, was born on October 30th, 1939 in the city of Highland Park, Illinois. Her Swedish and Norwegian ancestry came from both of her parents. In the beginning of her childhood, she lived in the wealthy suburb of Highland Park, which is located outside of Chicago, together with her younger brother.

However, because her father worked as an investment banker and was frequently transferred to different corporate divisions, the family travelled quite a bit when she was a child. This meant that she had to adjust to new environments on a regular basis. She had previously called the metropolitan areas of Los Angeles and San Francisco, as well as the Chicago metropolitan area, home before she started high school.

She attended Palo Alto Senior High School for a short period of time before transferring to the exclusive private Castilleja School for girls once the family made their permanent residence in Palo Alto, California. She moved to New York City immediately following her graduation from high school and enrolled in Finch College there.

Grace Slick Net Worth

In 1958, she uprooted her life and relocated to Coral Gables, Florida, where she enrolled in the University of Miami for the duration of one academic year.

In 1961, she tied the knot with the budding director Gerald Slick, and the couple soon after relocated to San Francisco. While she was living in California, she started writing music and worked as a model for I. Magnin & Company, which was a chain of department stores.

Grace Slick Early Career

After reading an article in 1965 about the recently established band Jefferson Airplane, the thought of making a living in the music industry was one of the first that crossed her mind. Shortly after that, she put together a band that she dubbed The Great Society, in which she played guitar and sang vocals, her husband played the drums, her husband’s brother Darby Slick played lead guitar, and David Miner played bass guitar.

She penned and composed the trippy composition “White Rabbit” not long after the band gave their first performance together as a unit. It is reported that she wrote the lyrics, which are a reflection of a drug-induced hallucinatory experience, in barely half an hour. Slick has revealed that she frequently read “Alice in Wonderland” when she was a child, indicating that the book did act as an influence on her art.

The band was responsible for the popular song “Somebody to Love,” which Jefferson Airplane would later make famous. Grace followed Jerry Slick and the band in the direction of the Indian-influenced raga music genre until a better opportunity presented itself. Jerry Slick drove the band in this direction.

When one of the singers of Jefferson Airplane decided to leave the band in the fall of 1996, Jack Casady approached Slick and inquired if she would be interested in joining the band. After becoming dissatisfied with the direction in which The Great Society was being led, she started recording with the band later that same year.

Grace Slick Airplane And Starship

In February of 1967, Jefferson Airplane released their second studio album titled “Surrealistic Pillow.” This was shortly after the band had recruited Grace Slick and drummer Spencer Dryden.

The album featured hit songs that Slick had written with her previous band, and the singles “Somebody to Love” and “White Rabbit” both went on to become number one on the charts. On the Billboard Hot 100, the former song reached its highest position at number five, while the latter reached its highest position at number eight.

It is widely acknowledged that the album was one of the most important releases of the psychedelic rock era. Critics at the time hailed their combination of folk music with psychedelic funk as being groundbreaking and unheard of in the musical world. It now holds the 471st spot on Rolling Stone’s list of the 500 greatest albums of all time as of the year 2020.

After Jack Casady and Jorma Kaukonen’s departure from the band in 1970, the surviving members went on to form Jefferson Starship. The band Jefferson Starship issued their first studio album, titled “Dragon Fly,” in the fall of 1974.

The album was very successful. It was certified gold three months after it was made available to the public, and it reached its highest position on the Billboard 200 album chart at number 11 overall.

In the summer of 1975, the band released “Red Octopus,” their second studio album. The Billboard 200 charted it at number one. There were two singles from the album: “Miracles,” which peaked at No. 3 on the Billboard Hot 100, and “Play on Love,” which reached No. 49. “Spitfire” reached at number three on the Billboard album charts in 1976.

In 1978, they published their fourth album, “Earth,” and chose not to tour after the release of “Spitfire.” It was a commercial and critical success, just like the others. After a three-year hiatus, Slick rejoined the band for their 1981 release of “Modern Times,” their fifth album. For the next two albums, she remained a member of the band.

One of the two Top 40 hits from “Winds of Change” was released in 1982. When “Nuclear Furniture” was released in 1984, they split up, but Slick and a few other members continued on as Starship.

After Slick’s departure from Starship in 1988, Jefferson Airplane reunited in 1989 for a tour, and Slick was a part of it. In addition to her involvement with Jefferson Airplane and its associated bands, she has released a number of albums under her own name. She debuted with the single “Manhole” in 1974, followed it up with “Dreams” in 1980, and then she issued “Welcome to the Wrecking Ball!” the following year.

Grace Slick Retirement And Personal Life

Slick exited the music profession after the final date of the Jefferson Airplane reunion tour, at which point she began her retirement. She later explained that the decision was made because she believed she was too old to continue living the lifestyle.

Her first marriage, which she entered in 1967 and ended in 1961, was to the cameraman and then band member Jerry Slick. She had a relationship with her Jefferson Airplane bandmate Paul Kantner in the years between her first and second marriages, and in 1971, they welcomed a daughter into the world together.

After that, in 1967, she wed lighting director Skip Johnson, and she and her husband remained together until their divorce in 1994. She has been open and transparent about her background and her issues with substance misuse in the past.

Her drunkenness caused problems on tour, notably with Jefferson Starship, and it was a problem for the band. 1980 was the year that she gave permission for her life to be chronicled in a book named “Grace Slick: The Biography.”

Grace Slick Property

Mill Valley is located in Marin County, immediately to the north of San Francisco, and Grace called that town home for a number of years. The house where she had lived for many years was destroyed by fire in September 1993.

It would be determined at a later time that the fire was started by personnel from the county who were conducting a controlled burn when it got out of control. She filed a lawsuit against the county and eventually obtained compensation that was substantial enough for her to purchase a home in Malibu.

In 1996, she purchased the two-acre property in Malibu for a total of $960,000. The current value of the home is thought to be between $4 and $5 million. In 1995, she received $650 000 for the sale of the property in Mill Valley.

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