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Gossip Girl: Top Cool Behind-The-Scenes Facts You Didn’t Know About The Show!


David Mudd

Gossip Girl is one of the sassiest, juicy and fun sitcoms out there. The series can be streamed on Netflix. The sitcom is dramatic and peppy, which is a stress-buster for a lot of us. 

Here are a few behind the scene facts and juicy gossip for our beloved fans!

Leighton Meester’s Family Turmoil

Blair’s life was not perfect all the time on the screen, but there was a difference when compared to her original self. 

Blair was a privileged girl from the Upper East Side while Leighton had to face a lot of hardships since the time she was born. She was born in prison, and her parents were arrested after being caught in a drug scandal. Leighton took to court when she figured her mother was using the money which she sent for her sick brother. 

Gossip Girl

Taylor Momsen Was Unprofessional On Set (Gossip Girl)

Taylor Momsen was more inclined to building her music career. This meant that she was not regular for the shoots, and the other cast members found this frequent absenteeism to be very frustrating. 

It is officially announced that it was her choice to leave the show. But fans still think that she was removed from the show due to such unprofessional behaviour. 

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Penn Badgley Didn’t Know He Was Gossip Girl

The decision to make Dan Gossip Girl was decided during the time the show was running. Well, in a way, this can be considered a blessing in disguise. 

If Dan knew that he was Gossip Girl all along, he would have behaved differently. But since this reveal dropped as a surprise on him as well, it came out very organically. 

Blake And Leighton Weren’t Friends

Gossip Girl

Blair and Serena were in every aspect friendship goals on screen. But offscreen, not so much. It is not like they hated each other, but their friendship was more professional and formal. 

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