Gossip Girl is an American drama television series initially featured in The CW, now available on Netflix. The show features 121 episodes with six seasons.

Gossip Girl Overview

Gossip Girl is a teen drama series initially released on 19 September 2007. The show was a sucker for teenagers and especially girls. Everyone loved to binged through Gossip Girl. Due to the shows immense success, it has three spin-off shows as well.

The show is based on a book series written by Cecily von Ziegesar of the same name. The series created by Josh Schwartz and Stephanie Savage originally ran on The CW for six entire seasons. Now it’s available for streaming on Netflix as well.

Gossip Girl: Plot

The show is about privileged teens living in the Upper East Side of New York. The hyper privileged group of students living in Manhattan seems to get away with everything. Except when a secret blogger starts to capture their life and watch their every single move.

Gossip Girl Reboot

All the fans of Gossip Girl take a deep breath cause your favourite show is getting a reboot! The hit show of 2000s reboot was confirmed last summer, but it’s now that we are getting the details and feeling like it’s happening.

With the reboot, fans of the Upper East Siders Gossip Girl have a lot to ask. Is the original cast coming back or is an entirely new version based on the previous show? Can anyone be as dramatic and over the top as our iconic Blaire Waldorf ever was?

Where Will The Reboot Launch?

The reboot of Gossip Girl will be streaming in HBO Max. It’ll have ten episodes each with 1 hour. We do not know how the platform plans to release the episodes whether it’s in one go or week by week. However, it is we can not wait to watch.

Gossip Girl Reboot: Release Date

Unfortunately, there is no confirmation regarding the date. We expect to see the show this year itself, but HBO Max hasn’t made any confirmations regarding it. But there are less chances for this show to release this year.

And hence we might need to wait till mid 2021.

Why The Delay?

Well, the ongoing pandemic has brought everything to a halt. Therefore even the shooting of Gossip girl reboot has been delayed.

Amidst the ongoing pandemic, it is very difficult to carry on the shootings and hence the show which was supposed to arrive early this year had to be postponed.

What Is The Storyline Of The Reboot?

We do not have a clear idea about what’s the shows going to be, but there’s an official synopsis for the plot.

“Eight years after the original website went dark, a new generation of New York private school teens are introduced to the social surveillance of Gossip Girl. The iconic series will address just how much social media — and the landscape of New York has changed in the intervening years.”

We do miss those old Gossip Girl days but thank god there’s a reboot to the show. We hope that it meets our expectations as the previous one was one hell of a show.

The reboot will also explore a bunch of teens from a private school who are driven by money and knowing that they’re privileged. It’ll be showing us a new bunch of new generation rich and famous and dramatic school teens. Can Gossip Girl ever get older? Hell no! We can’t wait for the reboot to launch and hit screens.

Gossip Girl Reboot: Cast

Can someone ever replace Blaire Waldorf, for a Gossip Girl fan, the clear cut answer will be no? But we hope to see some fantastic cast out there in the show who might as well live up to the previous cast members.

HBO Max found their star in Code Black actress Emily Alyn Lind. She’ll be portraying Audrey. The character’s description says that she’s been in a long term relationship and is wondering what more could be out there.

Along with Lind, the new cast will be completed with Whitney Peak, Eli Brown, Johnathan Fernandez, and Jason Gotay. The cast seems exciting and surprising, so we are all the more excited.

Fans have been wondering if the previous actors would play some parts since it’s a reboot. But there’s no news regarding it and since it’s a “new generation” series we do not know how the old cast would fit into the story.

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