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The American public defender Zack McDermott wrote a memoir called Gorilla and the Bird: A Memoir of Madness and a Mother’s Love. It came out in 2017.

What Is The Context Of Gorilla And The Bird?

The book, which came out in 2017, is about McDermott’s life with bipolar disorder and how his mother helped him get through it. When he first went to Bellevue Hospital’s psychiatric unit, McDermott started writing the book. The “Gorilla” in the book’s title is a reference to the nickname his mother gave him because of “his barrel chest and hairy body.” The “Bird” is a reference to his mother because he wrote that “when her feathers were ruffled, she would move her head in these choppy semicircles.” The first printing of the book was 40,000 copies.

gorilla and the bird

What Was The Response To Gorilla And The Bird?

The book was “praised by critics.” Marya Hornbacher wrote in The New York Times that Gorilla and the Bird was “one of the best memoirs I’ve read in years” and that “his prose is reason enough to pick it up” She said in the end, “This book takes the reader through the strange twists and turns of a bipolar mind and over some complex, changing ground in ethics and American life with a seeming lack of effort.” Rosemary Neill wrote in The Weekend Australian that the book is “brutally honest and darkly funny.” Glen Weldon of NPR said that McDermott “chronicles his experiences with bipolar disorder with a friendly and often wry sense of humour.”

Kirkus Reviews said that the book was “decidedly offbeat” and “unfolded like a country song.” They also said, “If the Joads were drunk on Bud Light and Haldol and Steinbeck were under the influence of Hunter S. Thompson, this might be the result: sad, funny, and completely real.” Emily Reynolds wrote about the book in The Times Literary Supplement: “Breathless, funny, absurd, and often completely inappropriate, it gleefully jumps from place to person to idea, taking on class, race, sex, family, and more along the way.” She said, “The humour and affection with which McDermott describes both his clients and his fellow psych ward inmates never veers into mawkishness or pity, which is a rare quality in the literature on this topic.”

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Adaptation For Television From Zack McDerMotts’s Book

The upcoming American drama TV miniseries Gorilla and the Bird is based on Zack McDermott‘s book of the same name. The HBO order for the limited series was made public on December 10, 2018. Before he died in December 2021, Jean-Marc Vallée was going to be in charge of the series.

The premise of the show: “The limited series follows Zack, a public defender with the Legal Aid Society of New York who has a sudden psychotic break that sends him on a scary journey of delusions and antisocial behaviour that gets him arrested and sent to Bellevue. As Zack (the Gorilla) tries to get his mind back, he turns to his mother (the Bird), who is the only person who hasn’t given up on him.”

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