Gorgeous Elizabeth Debicki Recreates Princess Diana



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A significant number of A-list celebrities continue to cite Princess Diana as a major source of fashion inspiration. Diana’s wardrobe is revered by many, including royals like Kate Middleton and celebrities like Hailey Bieber. It is known for being both exquisite and ageless. Now, Elizabeth Debicki, who portrays the late People’s Princess on season 5 of The Crown, has paid tribute to one of the royal’s most recognizable appearances by wearing a hat similar to the one she wore in real life.

Overnight, the cast of the critically acclaimed show on Netflix was in London for the international premiere of the show. Elizabeth chose to wear a stunning gown designed by a renowned designer for the event. The front of the strapless black Dior number is detailed with diagonal seaming around the waist, and it transitions into a full, floating skirt that almost reaches the floor.

Notable about Elizabeth’s getup is the delicate scarf that is wrapped around the front of her neck and then allowed to cascade backwards like a lengthy train down the back of her dress. This style is a subtle homage to one of Princess Diana’s most iconic fashion moments, and the inclusion of this accessory is what makes that tribute possible.

Gorgeous Elizabeth Debicki Recreates Princess Diana

Princess Diana attended the Cannes Film Festival in 1987 while wearing a powder blue design by Catherine Walker.

A strapless front, with a small scarf looped across the front of the neck, is included on Diana’s ensemble, much as it was on Elizabeth’s remembrance:

The aquamarine and diamond drop earrings and bracelet that the Princess wore with her tulle dress were a flawless complement to each other.

Even after more than three decades, this outfit worn by Diana continues to be regarded as one of the most iconic examples of red-carpet design ever.

Elizabeth Debicki relied on both the scripts written by the show’s creator, Peter Morgan, as well as materials provided to her by the show’s research department in order to prepare for her role as Princess Diana in the fifth season of The Crown, which takes place during the 1990s.

The actor has said that she approached the role of this character with a “very blank canvas.” “I was a very little child during this time period in history, and as a result, I have no recollections of it from my childhood. I am an Australian, in case you were wondering. What I learned was first provided to me through Peter’s interpretation, and then I learnt the rest through the research archive department, which helps in constructing a very solid foundation of the actual historical occurrences. Then, at some point in time, you will be required to simply forget everything and act out the scene.”

Gorgeous Elizabeth Debicki Recreates Princess Diana

As we have said previously, in the Netflix series “The Crown,” Elizabeth Debicki plays the role of Princess Diana.

Before filming episode 2, which was directed by Jessica Hobbs and explains how Diana assisted author Andrew Morton in writing his biography of her titled Diana: Her True Story, Debicki had access to a wealth of archival material, which she reviewed in preparation for her role. According to the show’s depiction, Diana did not agree to be interviewed by Morton and instead chose to record extensive responses to the author’s queries at her house in Kensington Palace. Her close friend Dr. James Colthurst served as a go-between during the recording process.

It is estimated that five million copies of Diana: Her True Story have been sold in countries all over the world. The book became a publishing phenomenon after it was translated into 29 other languages. Because of Morton’s work, the end of the royal marriage was effectively indicated in December 1992, when Prime Minister John Major declared that Diana and Prince Charles had separated.

Morton issued a revised edition of the book in October 1997 with the title Diana: Her True Story in Her Own Words. This was just two months after the princess had passed away in a vehicle accident in Paris. This time, the author made it abundantly obvious that Princess Diana had been the primary source for the first edition of the book, and he also included edited transcripts of the taped responses that the princess had given to his inquiries. The documentary Princess Diana: The Secret Tapes was broadcast on NBC in 2004, and it featured extracts from recordings that Diana had made for Morton, who served as a consultant on season 5 of The Crown. The documentary was named “Princess Diana: The Secret Tapes.”

Gorgeous Elizabeth Debicki Recreates Princess Diana

The process of recreating this part of Diana’s story, as described by Debicki, was “”It’s extremely unusual that you would just suddenly have this portal opened up where you can access that kind of reality and that emotional truth of your character, and then find ways to reinterpret it as an actor,” she continued, “It’s a fascinating and complex task.” I felt that it was not only an extremely rewarding experience but also a very difficult one. I just finished watching that episode, and I think the way Jess Hobbs directed it brings everything to a really gratifying conclusion in the way that it all comes together.”

In the episode, Morton, who is portrayed by Andrew Steele (Outlander), has expressed his approval of Debicki’s work as Diana and given her two thumbs up. In an interview that took place on Friday with Good Morning America, Morton stated, “It transported me back all those years, and it left me breathless.” “I mean, it’s not like I say this very frequently, but it shook me up,” she said.

The fifth season of “The Crown” is currently available to stream on Netflix.

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