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Google: Trump Lies About Google Developing Diagnosis Site


David Mudd

Since the end of 2019, COVID-19 has had an adverse effect on the world. WHO officially declared its outbreak a pandemic recently. Every country is trying to take preventive measures in order to contain this virus.

More than 114 countries are in high alert, thanks to the virus. A lot of cities are in lockdown. The United States of America has been on high alert as well.

President Trump’s claims

Donald Trump had stated that Google was working with the United States government in building a website that would direct people to a novel coronavirus test by educating them of symptoms in order to determine if they have contracted the virus. This seems like a very good idea.


Although it seems like a very good idea, it isn’t true. Google is not working on any such websites or with the United States government. It is Alphabet, the parent company of Google which is working on trial websites in order to direct people to facilities in the Bay Area.

With an increase in the number of infected cases worldwide, any such websites would definitely help people understand how to contain this virus. At such difficult times, we shouldn’t lose hope. Stay home, wash your hands frequently and do not panic. These are the basic steps we must take to beat the virus.

In case of infection, self-isolation is recommended for the safety of everyone around you. Do call emergency help-lines dedicated to the area you live in. It is also recommended to wear masks. I hope everyone reading this is safe and secure.