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Google: Silicon Valley Block Visitors, Urges Employees To Work From Home


David Mudd

Not only the scenic beauty, but Silicon Valley is also called the global center for the world’s largest high-tech companies, social media, and innovations. It is a region in Northern California, United States. It is the headquarter of many high-tech companies like Google, Twitter, eBay, HP Inc. Intel, Apple Inc. Netflix, YouTube, etc.


But recently, Silicon Valley blocks visitors and companies like Google urges its employees to do work from home as the coronavirus COVID-19 outbreak. They are also telling workers to avoid open-office plans and other perks.

Reason For Blocking Visitors In Silicon Valley

We all know that COVID-19 coronavirus was detected in the Chinese city of  Wuhan late last year. But now it rapidly spreads across the world. Tens of thousands of people tested positive in this virus and it kills thousands of people only in the US. The symptoms of this sickness may look similar to flu but it is much deadlier than that.

Situation In Silicon Valley And Across The Global

Because of the coronavirus outbreak, Silicon Valley is on lockdown. There are five new cases is reported in San Francisco city, in total 13 and more than 113,575 cases confirmed globally. The situation in China is devastating. So many people already died in China because of COVID-19 and it is becoming a major threat to the world.


 Steps Are Taken To Prevent The Virus From Spreading In Silicon Valley

Coronavirus is not only causing a threat to public health but it is also breaking down economical structure and stock markets around the world. High technology companies like Google, Apple, HP are highly affected economically by the virus.

Google is taking firm steps for its employees in the San Francisco Bay area and Mountain View, recommending them to do work from home and avoid in-office jobs. For their employees in Japan and South Korea, the company is permitting them to do their job from other locations and canceling all in-person interviews. Google spokesperson confirms this news.

Google CEO Sundar Pichai urged employees to stay focused and motivated to run Google’s Global Infrastructure until the situation changes. He also stated that the company’s security is being monitored 24-hour and coordinated across the company.


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