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Google Planning To Reopen Offices Soon With Minimum Workforce


David Mudd

After the stay at home orders and lockdown because of the COVID-19 crisis. Google is planning to reopen its offices at different locations. Meanwhile, all the offices will start work with a minimum number of employees. That is said to be with 10 percent of the workforce. Besides, the reopens are scheduled to start on July 6.

After all, the company is looking forward to increasing the occupancy to 30 percent by September. Moreover, to make that happens, the current situation of coronavirus has to lighten. Sundar Pichai, the CEO of Google said that they are looking forward to the coming months for some improvements in the situation.

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How The Current Work Schedules Will Go On

Google has made a perfectly made schedule for workers. A limited amount of employees will work at a time. Then that team will get replaced by another on a rotation basis. After all, everything will be done together with assuring the social distancing measures. Besides, all the personal distance and sanitization measures will be taken by the workers.

Many of the companies including Google made their most employees work from their homes because of the pandemic. At last, it is time for them to bring back their employees into offices for work. Working from home had many drawbacks like less productivity and availability of materials, etc.

However, there will not be any pressure on the workers to take them back to offices. Those who are interested will only be called for work. Beyond all, Google will also allow the workers to relocate temporarily to keep near distance with family and home.

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