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Google Pixel 4a: When Will It Release? Expected Specs, Features And Everything You Need To Know


David Mudd

There is amazing news for all the techno geeks out there. There is an anticipation of the release of the latest Google Pixel 4a phone. Now after the effect of the global pandemic all around the world, the conference had gotten canceled.

So everyone lost hope on any release this year. But three are chances that the release still happens. There can be an official release based on a virtual platform. That can help people to know more about the product.

So stay up for more information about this. Read to find out more about the Google Pixel 4a. It might be one of the best that you’ve seen.

Google Pixel 4a

When Is The Release Of Google Pixel 4a?

This year, all the events stood canceled. So there was no hope of the release of the Google Pixel 4a. But it turns out that it will. It can be done on a virtual platform. everyone will be able to connect to it at the ease of their homes. I

Isn’t it amazing? Now there is no idea of any massive event soon. But then there can be a small event to explain everything. Or they might just release it like that.

It is expected that a conference takes place in May. It is expected to be about the time of the 12th of May past the 14th of May.

What Do We Know About The Specs

There are some that we know about the  phone already. There have been various leeks from many people that have assured information.

So you might just believe it until there is any further information. According to it, the phone will not feature a 5G connectivity. Also, there will be a RAM of about 6GB.

The smartphone is expected to be pretty basic. Almost entry-level. This is also why there is no such expectation of a full-fledged event for the same.

Google Pixel 4a

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More About The Features
(Google Pixel 4a)

The phone will also feature a boxed housing. It will be similar to the other phones released by Google Pixel 4a. You will also see a fingerprint scanner. And it will have a Qualcomm’s Snapdragon processor. Which was pretty expected.

More than that, it will be priced in a very normal range. You’ll have to pay about $399 for the Google Pixel 4a model. But this is all tentative. Stay tuned for more information about the same.